December 3, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Worldwide protests against the Zionist Israelis is worthless!

We have all seen mass protests against the Israeli Zionist regime taking place almost daily for its continuing bombardment of Gaza! Do the Zionists care or worry about it? Nope. They know, they’ve got America, the UK, Canada and most of the European Union, supporting them. Financially and with weapons. The United Nations can’t do anything to them. Hundreds of UN resolutions against Israel’s unjust atrocities against the Palestinians have simply been vetoed by the USA, UK and their allies.

The Arab nations are as usual, all talk and no action. Even Türkiye with all its military might does not have the resolve to go to war against Israel. Nor do any of the Arab nations which are rich with the wealth from petroleum resources. All they dare to do is throwing tantrums at their gatherings but don’t have it in them to send their armies to rout Israel. I don’t think any of them, ever will.

The Israeli Zionists have been proven to be not that brave when confronted by ill-equipped brave Hamas fighters. Imagine if all other Arabs were to really get together and attack the Zionists? They would run helter-skelter and beg for mercy like these IDF ‘soldiers’.

We can only pray that Palestine will be free one day. Insya Allah.

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