September 21, 2023


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Maddening Madani ~ When are we going to see true leadership and good governance?

Dear fellow Malaysians,

Don’t you cringe every time you hear the TV hosts and news presenters keep uttering the term ‘Madani’ as they present whatever news or reports as instructed by the current powers that be.

Really. It’s getting on my nerves with all these propagandas.  We are now living in 2023. Most of us are well aware of those who walk their talk and those spewing rhetoric at every given opportunity. Makes one want to throw up.

Before this, Malaysians had to stomach various other Prime Ministers and their Cabinet Ministers who were all so gung ho about making their mark and leaving their own legacy.

The first three Prime Ministers were more of nation builders than seeking to embellish themselves as cult figures.

The 4th Prime Minister was a game changer. He is known as ‘Bapa Pembangunan Malaysia’. Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad was a dynamic leader who brought about a change to Malaysia as a developing nation. From an agriculture-based economy, he initiated Malaysia’s shift to become an industrialised nation.

All major infrastructures that we enjoy today are the fruits of his labor. He was responsible for Malaysia to become one of the leading countries in Southeast Asia.

The PLUS Highway, Petronas Twin Towers, Penang Bridge, KLIA, Putrajaya, Cyberjaya, Proton, and many other Malaysian achievements are his legacy.

During Mahathir’s administration, we felt proud of our nation.

After Tun Dr. Mahathir stepped down and made way for his successor, Abdullah Badawi, started the slip slide of Malaysia from it’s achieved status as one of Asia’s tiger economies.

Then came the Cash is King, 1MDB kleptocrat, Najib Razak. His ‘Satu Malaysia’ clarion call rang hollow when he was practically caught with his hand in the cookie jar. 1MDB was his modus operandi to steal from the nation and he caused Malaysia to be known as amongst the most corrupt country, this side of the world.

Tun Dr. Mahathir was chosen as the 7th Prime Minister by former Opposition parties who banded together to overthrow the BN and formed a government. But through backdoor political manoeuvres, they caused Mahathir to call it quits and he stepped down for the second time around.

Next came Muhyiddin and then the Covid 19 pandemic hit. He struggled to save the nation and managed to do so, barely surviving by the skin of his teeth. It was not a smooth ride for him, and he had to resign.

Then came Ismail Sabri, known for his coutured outfits, courtesy of his fashion designer son-in-law. Ismail Sabri couldn’t do much because he was being pressured by his party president to call for fresh elections as the latter was facing countless charges in court for bribery, etcetera.

Ismail Sabri had to throw in his towel and the country went through the 15th General Elections. We all know how it turned out to be.

The BN ended up kowtowing to Anwar Ibrahim led Pakatan Harapan and the ‘Unity Government’ of today was born! Zahid Hamidi did 360 degrees turn and stabbed UMNO in their proverbial back. No one could defy him, and history records the unthinkable to happen. UMNO led the BN to kiss up to the DAP and PKR Opposition pact.

Now, we have Anwar Ibrahim, yak-yakkety-yak-yakking his way with Madani this and Madani that.

Seems like, its back to the usual BS and witch hunting political drama once again. The country’s currency is at its lowest exchange rate against the USD and Singapore Dollars.

His often-repeated slogans amount to mere hot air. We are as we were. In fact, we are worse off now that our Ringgit doesn’t pack a punch as it did before.

We need true leaders to drag us out of the rut, so to speak.

Perhaps, watching this video might stir someone to step forward and grab the steering wheel to lead Malaysia to success, once again.

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