April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Selera Putra’s horrible toilet and the Restoran Kampung Pandan cut-throat prices!


Last Friday, I was at Putrajaya. I had arrived at Dataran Putra, early in the morning and parked at the carpark close to the Masjid Putra. I wanted to have breakfast, so I headed towards the escalator leading to the lower level Selera Putra food court.

Unfortunately, the escalator was not working, and I had to slowly go down the stairs, a step at a time. Sigh…

As usual, the Malaysian civil service department showed its ugly colors by being incompetent. An old news report highlights the problems.

There was only a very filthy, disgusting toilet used by the contractors still accessible. Imagine the horror that tourists faced when they desperately needed to go to relieve themselves as I came across an elderly Caucasian lady brought by an Indian tourist bus driver who had to guide her to the nearest restroom, no matter how horrible its condition was!

The Putrajaya Administrators should be held accountable for allowing such a situation to exist! For all the hype about how advanced, the administrative centre of our country is said to be, the Perbadanan Putrajaya officials can’t avoid their responsibility to make sure that proper toilets for visitors and tourists should be readily available.

As the Dataran Selera food outlets are currently undergoing extensive renovation, the contractors involved should at least provide portable toilets for the public and tourists who still visit the place and would need to use the restrooms after going to eat and drink at the sole restaurant operating there.

Restoran Kampung Pandan Kari Kepala Ikan is ripping people off by charging exorbitant prices for their not so tasty food and drinks!

I ordered a piece of Roti Canai with plain dhal curry and was charged RM2.50 for it!


This is daylight robbery, and these scoundrels are doing so, right in the centre of Putrajaya! What are the Consumer Affairs and Domestic Trade Ministry doing? Can’t you at least make spot-checks every now and then to keep these Jack the Ripper’s in check?

Maybe, there is an understanding between them? I won’t be surprised as Bolehland has always had this arrangement going on since time immemorial. Damn shame! 🙁

Imagine how tourists and domestic visitors to Selera Putra would feel after going through this nightmare???

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