April 13, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysian Politicians & Diapers need to be changed often …

Well, as I expected, the 9th Malaysian Prime Minister, capitulated to the demands and incessant pressure from his UMNO party president & co. by seeking consent from the current 16th Supreme King of Malaysia, HRH, Al-Sultan Abdullah Ri’ayatuddin Al-Mustafa Billah Shah ibni Almarhum Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah Al-Musta’in Billah to dissolve the Malaysian Parliament.

Malaysia has been quite unfortunate in having flip-flop politicians through the years and most of them are as the video below states.

For all the bullshit that they spew about working for the ‘rakyat’, from both the elected government to those in the opposition, most of them are only interested in feathering their nests and swelling their bank accounts. Don’t even bother investigating how they get so filthy rich.

The world saw Najib Razak’s home raided and his ill-gotten wealth confiscated by the Royal Malaysian Police before, but no one really knows, what has happened to the loot. This is not even considering what Najib, and his wife have smuggled out of the country via their numerous foreign trips.

They are masters in squirrelling away their ill-gotten wealth overseas, sometimes in plain sight and the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission can only do so much for the way things are here in Malaysia, even convicted criminals like Najib Razak, still goes to court, wearing his coat and tie, accompanied by the police escorts and prison wardens as a VVIP. 

Those who had so many criminal charges against them, get cleared and absolved of their crimes and are now eager to be back in power. All claim to want the ‘rakyat’ to be back in power when, they are the ones living in wealth and splendour whilst their stupid supporters languish in hardship and abject poverty in the kampongs and low-cost flats.

The Malaysian Parliament today is more akin to a Recycling Centre. You get the same old shit, presented as members of a newly hatched, power-hungry political party and before this, used to leap from one party to another, like nobody’s business.

For all the propaganda that these ruthless politicians spew out on the electoral campaigns and through the social media nowadays, the reality that rising costs of living and mindless escalation of prices of essential, locally produced cooking oil and other necessities, empty the wallets of the ‘rakyat’ faster than before. Yet, the gullible masses continue to shout. ‘Hidup Dato Seri!’ and such like the brainwashed minions they are.

When will Malaysia get true-blue politicians as genuine leaders of this maladministered country, which despite having rich natural resources at its disposal is today left ravaged and squandered by both its royals and government officials.

Deforestation, illegal mining, selling of sand to neighbouring Singapore, smuggling of essential goods to Indonesia and Thailand, etcetera continues to be a cancer, killing this country.

If only, our ‘politicians are of a calibre and integrity alike those in Singapore, we as a nation would really be as a leading country in this part of Southeast Asia as we were once known and respected. That was during the first era of the 4th Malaysian Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

He has lost his sparkle since then and ended up as the 7th PM but of a coalition that was more expedient to his circumstances than really what he would have wanted to preside over. The opposition parties aren’t that squeaky clean themselves as they claim to be, and we say what happened when they got to be in power in 2018. Toppling the BN which was in power for more than 6 decades until it fell because of corruption and abuse of power.

There’s not much that we can expect from the ensuing 15th General Elections due in early November, this year because of Ismail Sabri’s caving in, to his party president’s wishes and ambitions. Ismail Sabri is not known to be a tough nut when it comes to making political decisions and weathering the storm.

He will now be relegated to the dustbin of political history here in mismanaged Malaysia and the likes of old school political leaders such as Mahathir Mohamad or Singapore’s Founding Father. Lee Kuan Yew will never be seen here in the future. We are doomed to suffer even worse in the coming years because as the title of this article goes, we are going to face the same old shit politicians, albeit in a new packaging or label.

For the record, even those who claimed to be infallible and sporting the kopiah and tudung whilst espousing religious values have been not that innocent of political sellout or above the board as many of them claim to be. We are simply out of good, reliable choices of candidates to lead this nation out of the economic doldrums, Malaysia currently is in.

Our Malaysian Ringgit has fallen so low in its value against many foreign currencies that even Papua New Guinea’s Kina is much higher than ours! 


It sucks but that’s the truth, folks! The natives of Papua New Guinea do not have all the development and infrastructure that Malaysians have but their Kina has more value than our Ringgit!  

So much for Ismail Sabri’s short stint in power! Keluarga Malaysia! Now every Malaysian can cry!

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