January 27, 2023


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King Charles the 3rd ~ Temper tantrums, Scandals, Diana’s unsolved death mystery ..


Intense scrutiny

Gone are the days when a royal or noble, could get away with their tyranny or cruelty, upon the palace personnel or serfs.

King Charles the 3rd needs to reign in his temper, and learn to be humbler, if he wants to be remembered as a good and fair king.

He surely would not want to suffer decapitation, like what had happened to King Charles 1.

We understand that he’s going through some tough times, dealing with his mother’s passing, and having to handle the myriad of problems, related to the ascending of the English, Scottish and Irish thrones.

Yet, History will record each and every detail of his actions or errors during his reign. He can’t afford any screw ups.

King Charles the 3rd must also be aware that today, almost everyone, has access to smartphones which can record every deed or misdeeds. Misdeeds or scandals, which can be published immediately, on social media via the WorldWideWeb.

Watch the following video to learn about the previous Kings who bore the titles of King Charles the 1st and King Charles the 2nd:

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the 2nd left a record of a lifetime of service and high standards on how a monarch should be.

King Charles the 3rd has a lot to learn. He might have been, the longest heir-apparent to the British Crown but if he doesn’t tread carefully during this transition period, he just could also trigger a change of events that might bring the British Monarchy to its end.

Some British citizens are already protesting against King Charles the 3rd’s ascension.

Persons protesting against the British Monarchy are already being arrested by the British Police. 

King Charles the 3rd really needs to take all these into consideration, and work towards controlling his temper, which seems to be constantly simmering, ready to explode at the slightest inconvenience or anything that doesn’t go his way.

Apologists are quick to rise to his defense, pointing out that he has just lost his mother and is under tremendous stress, in ascending to the British Throne. 

King Charles the 3rd, however needs to consider that this is now, the 21st century and many monarchies, around the world have ceased to exist.

Even as I am sharing these, there are already countries, currently still being under British Imperial rule, stating their desire to go independent. Bermuda and Jamaica are upfront about their wish to be republics. 

King Charles is not that highly regarded by the British public for his adulterous affair with Camilla Parker Bowles in 1986 whilst he was still married to Princess Diana Spencer back then and his eventual divorce from the ‘Queen of the People’s Hearts’.

Various videos are popping up on social media now, sharing why King Charles the 3rd is not being welcomed by all of the British people.

Prince Harry, King Charles the 3rd’s youngest son, shared his views and worries that his wife, Meghan Markle would also end up murdered as he believes his mother, Princess Diana was. She and her lover, Egyptian film producer and businessman, Dodi Al-Fayed died because of the British Royalty’s racism.

Even Princess Diana had expressed her fears about getting killed way earlier. Her fears were realised!

Scotland Yard are now investigating the possibility that Princess Diana, Dodi Al-Fayed and others were assassinated by the British Special Forces on orders from the British Government and the Crown.

Right now, nothing concrete has been established but Scotland Yard is on the case. Still…

King Charles the 3rd has not been seen to be really grieving when Princess Diana perished. Who knows why?


Unlike his mother, the late Queen Elizabeth the 2nd, he has quite a tumultuous past that might just include murders left unsolved pertaining to Princess Diana’s deathly and still mysterious tragic end.


I don’t think, King Charles the 3rd and Queen Consort Camilla are going to be able, to reign in peace. Do you?

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