September 28, 2022


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Najib Razak’s VVIP Imprisonment ~ Are there ‘Double Standards’ in Malaysia’s Prisons System?

Most of us Malaysians sighed collectively when the country’s vilest white-collar criminal was finally sent to prison. But, the Kajang Prison cell for titled convicts such as Najib Razak, is said to be of a different class than how most other prison cells in Malaysia are. 

I don’t know for sure how such a VVIP prison call is touted to be but from a past expose of how VVIP prisoners are accorded luxurious accommodation with air-conditioning, spacious cells, equipped with fringe amenities such as water or latex mattresses, refrigerator, tables and chairs, hot water showers, served 5-star special food and drinks, etcetera.

 We are familiar with the way a former VVIP prisoner, Abdullah Ang, practically enjoyed his stay in prison and here is proof, exposing the way VVIP convicts are accorded such luxuries:

Even Anwar Ibrahim who was imprisoned at the Sungai Buloh Prison, enjoyed special privileges: 

Malaysian politicians who are found guilty of serious crimes, now would be not that worried as they would still get to live life comfortably even when sent to prison. They are not incarcerated with the general population of common criminals and get VVIP police escort plus travel to the courts in style. Luxury MPV’s. No prison uniform. Najib still attends trial wearing his 3-piece suits.

But the Prisons Department denies such frivolous claims that Najib would be accorded special privileges:

I am sceptical. Knowing how he still gets to wear his luxurious suits to court and being guarded so tightly by the police escorts, prison guards and travel in fancy MPV’s, that paints a different picture.

We know that these types of crooked politicians, despite being convicted and found guilty at the highest courts of this land, are still treated as VVIPs by all concerned.

So, till someone leaks a video or photos of such VVIP prison cells to the world via the various social media platforms, such questions will remain relevant.

Especially here in Bolehland!