April 12, 2024


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Remembering my son ~ Muhammad Zikri bin Zainol Abideen [1-8-1988 ~20-8-2021] Al-Fatihah!



He would have turned 34 years old today. As it is, Allah Rabbul Jalil, decided to invite my beloved son, Muhammad Zikri back to His Mercy, almost a year ago.

As a Mukmin and a servant of Allah, I have to accept that my son is now in the Realm of the Grave, Yaum al Barzakh and that my turn to be another inhabitant of the 4th Stage of our Existence, will be any moment, soon.

As a grieving father, I do miss my son and can only recite my prayers for him, whilst I am still alive, here, right now.

May Allah shower upon Zikri, all His Mercies and grant him, Jannahtul Firdaus, together with all the Syuhada and Righteous Servants of Ar Rahman Ar Rahim.


Kindly join me in offering a recitation of Surah Al Fatihah for my son. Thank you.

Sadaqatul Suratul Fatihah, Arwahi Muhammad Zikri Zainol Abideen.



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