March 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Relationships ~ Real or Imagined?

I came across this documentary by titled ‘Pakistan: Karachi’s Forgotten ‘Mad Women’.

In the video, it reveals the suffering of women who are shunned by their families and sort of incarcerated at this mental treatment facility. Abusive husbands and even their own mothers refuse to welcome home those women who have been certified by doctors as fully recovered and the unfortunate women are left with no choices but to return to the psychiatric asylum to live out the rest of their life’s’.

Why does such a thing happen? Can we conclude that those people are doing so, because they can’t benefit from the presence of these women in their life? Is monetary or financial benefit all that important, that these ruthless persons choose to destroy the lives, of these helpless women by causing them to be incarcerated into the mental hospitals or institutions?

The video highlights only one particular NGO run mental health institution in Pakistan. I am sure that there are similar places all over the world where similar victimisations really take place! Who cares for the unfortunate women out there, who suffer such torture and brutality, without anyone stepping in to help save them?

Such a materialistic world! No money? No honey! 

This is the reality of this life nowadays. Even those who are supposed to be family, kith or kin are not dependable, to care for, and protect the vulnerable ones. I think the same can be said for men, who are in the same categories. Those who are not financially strong and who can’t be taken advantage of by these devils in human form.

Such a discriminatory culture is rampant in countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India & Bangladesh. Even here in Malaysia, especially in northern states in Peninsular Malaysia where PAS rules or have a strong base, women are very much discriminated. Patriarchal societies where the fairer sex fall victim to the victimisations by the so-called leaders of society.

Discrimination based upon gender or when one is not that well off.

It is evident everywhere. The reality that even in our own families, there exists a situation where members of our own family differentiate between those who are wealthy and discriminate against their own flesh and blood, anyone who is poor. No need to beat around the bush as far as this double standard is concerned. You know that what I am saying here is true.

Relationships ~ Real or Imagined? Each of us have experienced situations which often border on the absurd and ludicrous because of how some persons treat others differently, based on one’s gender, material wealth or status. They fail to realize that we can all die at any time without prior warning. Earthly riches don’t accompany us into the grave.

Only our good deeds if done sincerely, might save us from Allah’s Hellfire! And also Allah’s Mercy!

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