April 13, 2024


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Ward KK 4, Medical Wards, Hospital Kuala Lumpur ~ The Good, The Bad & The Horrendous Experiences!!!

Falling sick in the wee hours of the morning of the 1st of March, 2022 was a wakeup call to me about the deteriorating state of my health! A sudden sharp pain, emanating from the left, lower abdomen caused me to wake up, crying in pain! I was dumbfounded! What was happening to me?

The pain then shifted to the right lower abdomen! My cries of pain awoke my wife and we were both very worried. What was happening? We assumed that it was a bad case of colic, excessive gas in the system and I mustered up enough courage to bear with the excruciating pain and to seek medical help in the morning.

My missus was scheduled to be away for a 3 days and 2 nights KPI Workshop in Putrajaya and my falling sick was going to screw up her plans. I braved myself to send her to her office and managed to drive back home. At the carpark of our apartment, I suffered another painful episode and was really worried. Who could I call to ask for help?

I had no choice but to phone our apartment’s Building Manager, Encik Nasir and informed him of my medical emergency. Encik Nasir was heading to the JMB office, bringing in our apartment’s newly appointed Maintenance Technician, Encik Ashraf and he told me to hang on. He asked for my exact location and I replied that I was in our car, parked at our lot.

Encik Nasir and Ashraf soon arrived and helped me to get in the back seat of his car. He asked me as to where I need to go and I asked that I be taken to a clinic in Pandan Jaya, which I had been frequenting. We reached the clinic and I waited for my turn to see the doctor as there were many other patients already present. 

When my turn came, the doctor after examining me, suggested that I go to the Emergency Department of the nearest hospital for further treatment as she suspected that I was suffering from heart related conditions and because my breathing was laboured and wheezing. When she asked me as to which hospital I preferred, I told her, Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Big mistake!

Before this, my getting treated at HKL and being admitted was okay because I had been admitted into the First Class Wards at SW14. Surgical Wards 14. How would I know that my admission into HKL, this time around was going to be a week in absolute Hell and Misery?

Encik Nasir drove me back to our car and I mustered up enough courage and resolve to drive to my wife’s workplace and fetch her to accompany me to the HKL’s Emergency Department with the referral letter from the Pandan Jaya private clinic.

My missus drove us to HKL and dropped me off at the Emergency Department while she drove to park our car at the multi-level parking complex which is quite a distance away. I received a queue number and had to wait for my turn to be examined. If you are not bleeding profusely and do not have visual wounds, forget about getting immediate attention from the emergency department staff.

May Allah bless my darling wife for her tremendous patience and care for me as I was going through a painful period in my elderly life! I am truly indebted to her. It surely was a taxing experience for her, having to wait for so long, to have her husband, examined by the medical staff and having to go through all the hassles in getting treatment for me.

I had to undergo several procedures such as having my blood sample taken, urine samples given, blood pressure measured, chest x-rayed, and then told to wait as all those matters were being processed. When they found that I was having heart problems, only then was I accepted to be admitted for further treatment.

Problem was, there were no ‘first-class’ wards for treating medical cases. Excuse given was that since the Covid-19 epidemic started, both 1st class and 2nd class wards, have been discontinued. ??? 

I was in a wheelchair. They pushed me to a waiting ambulance and was taken to the Medical Wards at the former Pediatric Institute Building which was the Women and Children’s Hospital before. Hence the ‘WAD KK‘ which stands for ‘Wad Kanak Kanak’ @ Children’s Ward was still on the signboards.

It was now generally 3rd Class Wards. Instead of children as it’s patients, the Medical Wards there were now having patients comprised of elderly, bed ridden patients. No individual rooms or air-conditioned premises. I felt like I was entering a time-tunnel, back to the 60s period!

I was assigned to Bed # 26 and had an IV drip attached to my arm via a vascular device @ cannula. That was the start of a series of bruising that took place on both of my arms. The nurses both male and female at the WAD KK 4 here were not really bothered about being careful in inserting such devices. As a result, I suffered a lot from blocked vessels which caused dark bruises to form and appear on my arms where such devices were inserted and attached.

sample photo of a cannula device


I have bruises on my lower abdomen where the ward nurses have been injecting my insulin doses. I have been injecting insulin on my own since 2010 but had not experienced such severe bruising as what my week’s stay at WAD KK 4 has caused. Clearly reflects the carelessness on the part of the medical staff of WAD KK 4 in carrying out their duties.

I can’t share with you the photo showing the bruises on my lower abdomen caused by the careless injections by the ward nurses because of my ‘aurat’ matter. Believe me when I say that they are horrendous! Only Time will heal me. Insya Allah! 

I will never be willing to admit myself at HKL’s Medical Wards from now on for the sheer frustrations that I have suffered during my admission there on the 2nd of March, 2022 till my self-discharge at my own risk on the 9th! Will share more after this.

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