September 21, 2023


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Extraordinary Malaysians from all walks of life help flood victims! #kitajagakita

Every year, without fail, we have hundreds of thousands, if not, millions of Malaysians who become victims of heavy, deadly flooding. Every year, without miss, we see the same old tragedies take place all over the country.

Why do we not learn, to adopt and adapt, proven counter measures to learn to live with the flooding that keeps devastating the country?

When will we see a true, capable leader to helm this nation and lead us out from the mess we find ourselves in, every now and then? As I see it, obviously, not within my lifetime.

We seriously need more organized disaster relief management. If not for the valuable help from many NGO’s, most of the flood victims would die from hunger and frustration. Government agencies were not prompt in providing aid and evacuation efforts. We should learn to be more proactive and reduce bureaucratic red tape from messing up the relief process.

We witnessed Malaysians coming together to help one another. Masjids opened their doors to all flood victims, regardless of race, religion or creed. Sikh Gurdwara Saheb’s cooked and distributed free meals to everyone. Hindus helped cleanup masjids devastated by the floods and Muslims helped clean up temples. 

Common Malaysians went out of their way to help the trapped flood victims. Individuals from other states brought their boats atop their cars to help in the evacuation of the flood victims. One of these true heroes is Azwan Omar @ ‘Abang Viva’ from Melaka who brought his rubber boat atop his sis-in-law’s Viva compact car. He only had RM50 to spend. RM20 for petrol and RM30 for his food and drinks. Subhanallah! He slept in his car. Talk about sacrifices!

There are so many other unsung heroes out there. May Allah bless and reward them all. Ameen.

The floods have really devastated hundreds of thousands of lives of Malaysians and caused many to lose their homes, belongings, vehicles, businesses, etcetera. The Buddhist Tzu Chi NGO have really helped in the relief efforts and providing cooked vegetarian meals to the flood victims.

The rains may have stopped for now but properties are now in a mess. See for yourselves:

The PM announced a RM1000 aid package for each household. Seriously? What can a RM1000 buy for these families? Each household has suffered at least more than RM50000/- above! At least a RM10K to RM20K aid per affected household should be given. If not now, when?

Looks like Malaysians can only depend on each other when disaster strikes us! Here is a video showing folks from Terengganu travelling in a convoy heading towards KL and Selangor to help the flood victims.

Hats off to our wonderful Malaysian heroes! You are truly the embodiment of #kitajagakita!

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