April 13, 2024


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First trip back to our Kuantan home after the 2021 MCO!


Wednesday, 1st December 2021.

At long last, we managed to cross the state borders to return to our home in Kuantan, State of Pahang Darul Makmur, after more than a year being cooped up in KL due to the Covid 19, MCO ~ Movement Control Order.

It was such a relief to drive out of claustrophobic KL. It was a real torture having to bear with the noisy neighbors, a floor above us. Their kids are constantly shrieking and making all kinds of noises, day and night, without fail. So, to get away from all these unnecessary stress, a trip back to Kuantan was like a much needed panacea.

The journey went smoothly as there weren’t that many vehicles clogging up the highway as usual. It was a weekday, so only those who need to travel to the East Coast were driving and not the hordes of holidaying domestic tourists.

Eventually, we reached the Genting Sempah R&R, where we stopped to have a lunch break and rest for a while.

We saw a Malay man performing his Solat right smack on the road at the car park! I was taken aback! Could it be because the Surau was closed? Even if it was closed, couldn’t he perform his prayers in the premises itself and not make a public spectacle by praying in public like that? I didn’t have time to snap a photo as I was driving. Weird ….

We parked our car and went up the stairs to the food court. Took turns to order our lunch as I had to secure a table for us. It was getting crowded and couldn’t risk losing the table to others. It was a ‘first come-first occupied’ basis. 

The Loud Mouth!

We had to bear with a very loud Kelantanese guy seated at the next table, shouting into his phone like nobody else was around!

Some people …. Malaysia too has all kinds of weirdos, out in public. Sigh …. 🙁

After our meal, we continued with our journey and eventually arrived safely at Kuantan in the evening. We decided to have our early dinner and drove to Tg Lumpur to check out the Ikan Bakar restaurants there. Alas, we saw that only the Ana Ikan Bakar restaurant seeming to be in operation but from the way things looked, they were not open for business that evening.

We saw a whole row of nearby restaurants all abandoned and in a state of disrepair. The whole place looked terrible. Grass was growing high and the whole place was falling apart. Must have been due to the Covid 19 MCO effect on their businesses.

We drove out to the main road and drove along looking for alternative seafood restaurants. The outlook was not good either. Many of the restaurants were closed. There was another outlet of the Ana Ikan Bakar restaurant open and we decided to go there. After getting our car parked, we proceeded to book a table and my missus went to choose a fish for grilling as our main dish.

The Jackass

As we were seated at our table, waiting for our food to arrive, a Malay man wearing a skull cap and carrying a box, came to our table. Didn’t greet us or make eye contact. Simply left the following items on the corner of our table and left!

If he was selling those items, the way he was going about it was a big No! No! What kind of a trader does that? He failed to make eye contact with us, his ‘prospects’! He failed to greet us or even give us a Salam. He simply left his items on the table and left! Bloody Rude!

After doing the same at many other tables, he then came and collected his items and left!!! What the Bloody Hell???

This Jackass deserves a tight smack across his face and a strong kick on his sorry ass for screwing up in salesmanship, big time! Grrrr…..@#$%^&*!!


Pleasant Surprise!

Just as we were about to have our dinner, our niece and her husband, walked in to the restaurant! We were very pleasantly surprised at this unexpected family reunion and invited them to join us at our table!

After a couple of unsavory episodes that we faced that day, it was so nice to get to meet our loved ones by chance. We didn’t plan to meet up with them. It was all the Taqdeer of Allah. Alhamdulillah!

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