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PPMM ~ Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno related 2010 Acheh Syariah System Study Tour Part 2



To those of you who might be familiar with the brouhaha that erupted here in Malaysia before with the case of the Perak born Malay Muslim lady, Kartika Sari Dewi Syukarnor, who was caught drinking Tiger Beer, here’s the 2nd part of my related article.

Kartika was arrested then by the Pahang State Islamic Affairs Department enforcement officers in a raid at the Cherating Bay Lounge, Hotel Legend, Cherating, Kuantan, State of Pahang at 11.40am on the 11th of July, 2008. 

Both Kartika and her father, Shukarno Mutalib accepted the judgment and had no objections at all as to the sentencing. Problem arose when the authorities seemed to be dragging their feet and didn’t proceed with the caning. As we can learn from the video here, the Sultan of Pahang [then] refused to grant permission for the caning to be carried out upon Kartika. His Majesty, the Sultan of Pahang, [Almarhum] Tuanku Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah issued a royal decree that Kartika should instead serve a 3 weeks community service

This has been the way all these Malay Sultans ‘ruled’ since Malaya gained it’s Independence from the British Colonials. They just pay ‘lip service’ to their roles as the ‘Heads of the Islamic Faith’. They simply do not have it in them to rule by what Allah the Almighty truly commands via the Syariah Laws revealed in the Holy Qur’an per se. 

What we have today, purported to be the ‘Syariah Laws Justice System’ in Malaysia is but a very watered down sorry excuse of ‘laws’ that really does nothing for the sanctity of Islamic Jurisprudence in Malaysia. In short, what is being passed off as Islamic Sharia here is but just human interpretation of what they conclude to be Islamic Law.

Malaysia is ill prepared to truly administer the true Sharia Laws as commanded by Allah. Hence, the pathetic excuses coughed out by the Home Affairs Minister and the lame responses from the Prime Minister [back then].

In the meantime, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was getting frustrated with the authorities apparent lack of seriousness in carrying out the caning punishment upon her as ruled by the Pahang Shariah High Court. Watch what she had to say:


So, to cut the story short, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno was not caned by the Syariah High Court of Pahang as she was sentenced, after being found guilty of publicly consuming alcoholic beverage, which is haram in Islam.

Her father, Shukarno Mutalib, was not satisfied and wanted to learn how to carry out the caning himself. So, he brought his wife and Kartika’s younger brother to join the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association team’s Syariah System study tour to Banda Acheh, Nanggroe Acheh Darus Salam, Indonesia’s only Autonomous Region where Syariah Law prevails.

I was invited by Datuk Zainul Rijal Abu Bakar, the PPMM [MMLA] President to be their Media Crew and cover the trip by taking photos and record videos of the study tour. He was and still is a very close friend of mine, so I accepted. 3 days 2 nights trip. All expenses paid.

I had taken lots of photos and recorded several videos which I composed into the video below which I had uploaded to YouTube.

Audible video starts at minute 3:50

The video below was recorded post caning punishments at the Kota Jantho Masjid, Nanggroe Acheh Darus Salam.

Sadly, I wasn’t able to share more photos and videos as a result of the hard drive of one of the laptops which I brought with me was corrupted. I thought that was it and left it at that.

Recently, I came across a software called Recuva and after installation, tried it out on the hard drive. Alhamdulillah, it did a great job and unearthed all the missing photos and tens of thousands of deleted data plus a zillion of icons and gifs all mixed up together with these Acheh study tour data. So, I have to diligently retrieve only the relevant images and delete the unnecessaries. Phew!

It’s been 11 long years since but as the saying goes, ‘Better late than never‘. 


This is a photo of myself waiting at the LCCT terminal. The time was around 8.20 am, Thursday, 24th June 2010. We were booked to fly to Banda Acheh via an AirAsia flight.


These are the aerial views of Nanggroe Acheh Darus Salam from the AirAsia jet plane which we flew in. It was my first ever flight to Acheh. Lots of rice paddy fields. It was surely a fertile land. Lots of greenery.

It was a beautiful sight. So many coconut trees.

First view of Acheh’s Bandar Udara Internasional Sultan Iskandar Muda.

There were two designated drivers waiting for us. Datuk Zainul Rijal had already engaged their services before hand and they were waiting at the airport with two Toyota Innova’s.

They were quite well mannered chaps. Very courteous. Masya Allah.

Datuk Zainul Rijal briefing the drivers as to the agenda for the day. Looking on are lawyers [R-L], Tuan Haji Abdul Rahim Sinwan and Tuan Abdul Halim Bahari.

The airport was quite new and clean. Very nice to see that.

This is the airport’s open air cafe. 

You can watch my video above to see how the drive from the airport to Banda Acheh was? Lots of rebuilding was still going on after the devastating lethal 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami. The audible video starts at minute 3:50.

We reached Masjid Baiturrahman at Banda Acheh to perform our Zohor prayers.

This is the interior of the masjid Baiturrahman, State Mosque of Nanggroe Acheh Darus Salam in Banda Acheh. When the 2004 tsunami struck, this historical masjid was spared from the devastation and it became a sanctuary for the thousands of Achehnese who sought refuge in it from the killer waves.


The ladies section. Unlike other masjids namely in Malaysia, this masjid in Banda Acheh, Indonesia allows the Muslimahs to pray without having high walled separators blocking their views from other congregants especially the menfolk. 

Close up view of the elaborately carved separators in the masjid. I think that they were damaged by the tsunami waters back in 2004. We can see signs of rust at the hinges caused by salt water damage.


Beautiful Quranic calligraphy art decorating the interior part of the Masjid Baitur Rahman’s dome. Masya Allah!



A couple of beggars waiting outside the Masjid Baiturrahman. Patiently awaiting alms from the jamaah. Courteous. Not pushy.

One of them asked me,’Assalamualaikum Tuan. Apa boleh sedekahkan saya, satu Ringgit Malaysia?’ ‘Meaning,’Peace be to you, Sir. Could you give me a Malaysian Ringgit?’

A Malaysian Ringgit is equivalent to about 3 thousand Indonesian Rupiah’s.

I did my bit. Alhamdulillah.


We then headed to the Nanggroe Acheh Syar’iyah Court Complex which was the main intended destination of the Malaysian Muslim Lawyers Association’s Study Tour.

Nanggroe Acheh Syariah High Court

Visit this site again to learn more about Shukarno Mutalib’s mission to learn from the Syariah Laws Ministry of Nanggroe Acheh Darus Salam, the Autonomous Province of North Sumatera, People’s Republic of Indonesia as to how to fulfill his parental duty to administer the 6 strokes of the rotan upon his daughter, Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno as per her wish!

Here’s a photo of him wielding the official Syariah cane gifted to him by the Syariah Ministry of Nanggroe Acheh Darus Salam.


Part 3 coming up after this. Insya Allah.

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