September 28, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

TM Unifi Blues! Malaysia’s Lousiest Internet Provider.


TM Unifi Blues. Every now and then, our internet connection goes off. No apologies. No rebates. Nothing!


We are just so frustrated with TM Unifi ~ Malaysia’s #1, monopolizing, lousiest Internet Service provider.

Yesterday, I dialled 100. I pressed 1 for English. The person who eventually answered spoke ‘pidgin English’. Izzati was her name. I advised her to speak in Malay since she was obviously struggling to speak in the language.

She was not very helpful either. I am seriously thinking of cancelling our subscription to TM Unifi.

Our apartment here in KL unfortunately, still has TM’s copper wire cabling. The JMB has not applied to have optic fibre cabling to be installed. Hence we are stuck with the run of the mill 30 Mbps on off connection. Yet, we are paying on average RM157.+ monthly.

I am considering TIME Broadband.

Their service promises blazing speed but they do not provide television channels. I can always buy a TV Box for that.


I would like to know your experiences. Please share.