February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

9th Malaysian PM~UMNO Inner Squabbles, Zahid’s Endorsement, Anwar’s PM Mission, Etcetera.


As Malaysians are battling through the COVID 19 pandemic by getting vaccinated at the various centres set up by the MOH [Ministry of Health] and MOSTI [Ministry of Science, Technology & Innovation], the usual shit-stirrers in our national self-centered, narcissistic, egoistic, bloody, power crazy, political circus, are at it again.

Damn! These shysters just do not give a damn about the country’s current dilemmas! All they care about is who gets to topple 8th PM, Tan Sri Hj Mahiaddin Hj Yassin. That’s all that they worry about. Whether it’s UMNO, PKR, PPBM, PAN, PAS, DAP, GERAKAN and the numerous Sabah, Sarawak parties.

Jostling, belittling, besmearing, back-biting, like a bunch of immature kids, scrambling to get a piece of the political pie. They do not come up with practical answers to help the country, get out of the economic rut. They are silent on finding a way to assist with nation building or help restore the country’s fast disappearing natural resources.

They are mum when posed with questions pertaining to the fate of the dwindling, suffering Orang Asli tribes, who are struggling to survive because their ancestral forest reserves are being wiped out!

Guess who are behind it? Why, it’s the VVIP’s, of course! Those with Tengku, Tunku, Tan Sri, Datuk Seri, Dato’, Datin, etcetera before their inglorious names. Very often, we hear about the yellow letter bearing royal insignia, behind such encroachments into the nation’s remaining water catchment areas and last batches of precious rainforests. What does all these tell you?

Most of the Malay Rulers and the Malaysian Federal & State Governments, do not really care about the damage, destruction and devastation that has and is happening to our nation’s irreplaceable tropical rainforests and ecological wellbeing of Malaysia’s priceless flora and fauna. I am not saying this out of spite or anything. Purely based on authentic facts published news reports.

Now, we are witnessing UMNO undergoing inner squabbles where UMNO President Dato Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, seems to be caught between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea for endorsing his long-time mentor from the BN days, Anwar Ibrahim, to replace Mahiaddin Yassin as Malaysia’s next PM. Listen to their chat below.

Whether we like it or not, we have to start thinking as to who will be the next Prime Minister after Tan Sri Mahiaddin Hj Yassin?

From the remaining few Cabinet Ministers worth considering and known not to have any past or current scandals to their name, the following politicians come to mind.

  1. First and foremost, there is Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob.

Can he be considered as another of those ‘Play Safe‘ politicians? You seldom hear about him taking a firm stand when it comes to national issues. Not that many out there in Malaysia’s political arena are willing to bite the bullet!

I remember Ismail Sabri getting into hot soup when he was the Minister in charge of the Ministry of Rural Development. He proposed the setting up of a Bumiputra-centric ‘Low Yat 2’ Digital Mart to break the monopoly of Chinese owned digital and telecommunications market in KL.

He did open such a mart at the MARA Mall in the Central Business District but from what I learned, it failed miserably. Reason being, that it was also run by the Chinese mobile traders from Low Yat but employed inexperienced locals and the foreign Bangladeshis. So, that’s a disgraceful misadventure on his track record.

If you ask me, I’d say Ismail Sabri doesn’t really have it in him to be decisive and make a firm wise decision when the situation warrants it of him. 

2) Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed


Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed or Tok Pa as he is popularly known is a much-respected veteran UMNO politician simply for his clean records and dependability. When UMNO was besmeared with Najib Razak’s 1MDB scandal, Tok Pa chose to quit the party. He later joined Tan Sri Mahiaddin Hj Yassin’s PPBM and is now appointed as the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department [Economy].

Again, what we have here is another politician, not known to be resolute and decisive. An economist. Not a known hardliner. For a multi-ethnic, multi-faithed, multi-cultural, albeit conservative country such as Malaysia, Tok Pa is not exactly who we can depend on, to go for the jugular if a crisis takes place. He won’t sell out Malaysia, but I am not so sure if he has it in him to draw the line for it either. 

3) Dato Seri Hishamuddin Hussein


This is the man whom Dato’ Seri Nazri Aziz wants to nominate as the spokesman for his group of 25 MPs from UMNO who are calling for current UMNO President Dato Seri Dr. Ahmad Zahid Hamidi’s resignation. Hishamuddin Hussein has held many Cabinet Ministerial posts before the BN’s downfall.

He was the Malaysian Home Minister when the Sulu armed terrorists invaded Kampong Tanduo, Lahad Datu, on the 11th of February 2013 in their attempt to occupy Sabah. Remember what he said? 


Hishamuddin as the Home Minister back then had the audacity to state that the armed Sulu invaders were not militants or terrorists! I was totally disgusted with him back then and I shudder to think what the fate of our beloved nation would be if this chap should make it to be appointed as the 9th Malaysian PM? May Allah Forbid!

We seriously lack capable and dependable political leaders to helm Putrajaya if, and when Tan Sri Mahiaddin Hj Yasin calls it a day, or is removed from office. Every bloody politician out there today has a scandal or two brewing in his or her background’s cupboard.


If by an unforeseen loophole or technicality, the PKR President Anwar bin Ibrahim, gets to realize his lifelong dream to be the PM, we are all in for a gloomy, dark future. America with its powerful Zionist Israeli lobby will gleefully come upon this Golden Chersonese and set up base here.

Together with their troops, will descend unimaginable consequences that will rip apart whatever little bits of morality and conservativeness that remains in this Malay heartland. LGBTQ practitioners will have a field day and chances are that the Malay Sultans and Raja will diminish in power and disappear eventually. 

The fate that befell Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines will beset us and Malaysia can forget its claim to be a model Muslim developing nation. American soldiers sow their seeds as they please, violating hundreds of thousands of the local female populations of whichever country they occupy or invade.

Rape is commonplace to them because they are mostly immoral and have no religious prohibitions at all. Even over at the Middle East, such war crimes and atrocities take place but as usual, Western Media conveniently do not report about these crimes. The vanquished local population do not speak of it as it involves their tarnished family honor and overwhelming sense of shame.

Check out this video showing the abandoned children of American soldiers in Vietnam. They are shunned by the Vietnamese society and can’t escape persecution and ridicule due to their obvious non-Asian looks. Sons and daughters of the US Army’s irresponsible hordes who rampaged through Vietnam, violating the Vietnamese women and young girls. 

If Anwar Ibrahim becomes the 9th PM, Malaysia will suffer similar tragedies. Keep our country safe and free from these foreign devils, who’ll set up their military bases as soon as the fellow who guaranteed the safety and security of Zionist Israel, America’s Overlords. May Allah Forbid.

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