March 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anwar Ibrahim for PM? Na’uzubillah hi min zalik! May Allah Forbid!



Blogger Rocky Bru shared with me, an article from his news portal, proposing Anwar Ibrahim, the infamous PKR President, as this country’s next Prime Minister! I flat out disagreed and begged to differ.

Of all people, should Malaysia be handed over to the dictates of Anwar Ibrahim? He who puts the chameleon to shame by constantly changing colors to suit his audience. My God! What is happening to Malaysia’s political scene?

Anwar Ibrahim has a bloody lengthy list of screw ups and scandals to boot. You just have to type ‘Mengapa Anwar Tak Boleh Jadi PM’ into your computer’s search engine and you’ll get a whole list of websites and blogs that expose Anwar Ibrahim’s many scandals and wrong doings. Amongst them are:

  5. many more but I leave it to you to investigate…

I just don’t understand how Rocky can be vouching for such a person to replace the unreliable 8th PM Muhyiddin Yassin? How come the benchmark for PM material has sunk so low that someone as rotten as Anwar can even be considered? I am talking based on his track records. Not fiction.

This is the guy who went to jail twice after being found guilty of having sodomised two persons and countless others. This is the guy who promised the poor villagers of Kampong Buah Pala, Glugor, Penang, that he would see to it that their ancestral homes and lands would be spared from being bulldozed by developers.

This is the guy who uttered the following:

Anwar Ibrahim also explicitly endorsed and guaranteed Israel’s safety and agreed with the Zionist regime’s occupation of Palestine. Hello!!! What kind of a Muslim would do that??? A bloody two-faced, hypocrite!!!



Rocky Bru, do you not see the type of heartless, barbaric, conniving, two-timing, treacherous, @#$%^&&**, you are proposing to be the 9th Prime Minister of Malaysia???

Do you not feel anguish seeing the devastation that the Zionist Israeli bastards have been perpetrating against our Palestinian Ummah in Gaza and the West Bank???

Ya Allah! Please spare us from this evil!!!


Do you still remember what he promised the villagers of Kampong Buah Pala, Glugor, Penang?

The late DAP Chairman, Karpal Singh had stated:

There is more to come. I’ll write more tomorrow!


In the meantime, would you agree with me, that my Blogger buddy, Rocky Bru, has erred by stating, he won’t mind, entrusting Malaysia to the likes of this ‘Crazy Ass PM Wannabe‘?

One person, I am sure, would be grinning, ear to ear, would be the 95 year old, Grandpa, who had been the PM twice in Malaysian history. He has proposed to the Yang Di-Pertuan Agong to declare Malaysia under a MAGERAN! National Operations Council. Sort of a new Malaysian Cabinet but set up under the decree of the King. Not through General Elections.

Guess who’s volunteering to head this MAGERAN? Hahahahahaha! Why, it’s none other than Mahathir himself!

He wants to set the record by becoming the first ever hattrick Malaysian PM!

Geez… what’s with these power crazy chaps???

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