February 22, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Genocide & Ethnic Cleansing. Both the USA and Zionist Israel are guilty of it.


You don’t need to be a wizard to uncover the reason why the United States of America and the illegal Zionist Israelis regime are such bosom buddies?

Both are guilty of committing genocide and ethnic cleansing. The evidences are so numerous that one can spend years and years showing you proof after proof but it will be to no avail. The world truly lacks the backbone to take these murderers to court because international criminal courts such as the ICC have no clout against them.

All so-called Western powers are guilty of having committed such massacres of the native populations of the countries they now claim to be their own. Am I making up stories? Naah! Just check for yourselves.

Type ‘Native Americans Genocide’ into your Search Engine and see for yourselves the numerous videos, photographs and articles showing the proofs of such mass murders, rapes and extermination of the native populations of North America, the Hawaiian Islands, and all other territories of what is now being called as ‘The United States of America’.

Was North America uninhabited when Christopher Columbus and his crew landed upon its shores?

No! Far from it. There were more than 50,000,000 Natives already living there since Time immemorial when the Europeans first arrived. I don’t want to use the term ‘Settlers‘ because that will give a sense of legitimacy to the criminal act of invading the native people’s lands by force! You can’t call yourself as a ‘Settler’ when there are already others living and dwelling on the land for centuries before you.

Click here and read about the American Natives Genocide.

If you wonder why the Presidents of the USA support what the Zionist Israelis have been and are doing to the Palestinians, you need to go back in history and study the Americans past. These Americans are used to killing the millions and millions of Native Americans themselves.

Such massacres done over the years under the pretext that they were right in doing so, dulls the senses and induces a false sense of righteousness. Americans tell themselves that they have the right to protect themselves and ‘safeguard’ their loved ones from the ‘savages’ out there. Forgetting the fact that it is they who are the invaders and killers of the native people who were already living on those lands since time immemorial.


Not an inch of the vast North America continent was unpopulated before the invasion of the Europeans. America was home to more than 225 Native tribes. Go here and click onto the name of the native tribe to learn about them. The murderous Europeans have no right to call themselves as pilgrims or settlers for they were not. Plunderers and Home Invaders suits them best.


Americans and Zionist Israelis proudly claim to be the only democracies in the world. Reality is that they are the worst criminal murderers and apartheid regimes present. Perpetrating planned Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing against the Native inhabitants of the land doesn’t qualify them to do so. ‘The land of the Free and the Home of the Brave’! Humbug! No such thing. Racism thrives in America to this day.


Savagery perpetrated by the White Invaders upon the Native population knew no bounds and they were cruel beyond belief.


Mercy was nowhere in their so-called Christian hearts. They chopped up men, women, and children without an iota of mercy. You’ve got to give the American and Zionists a medal for playing on human sentiments nowadays where they do a number on human emotions, presenting themselves as the poor victims whilst being raving murderers when out of the range of news cameras, etcetera.

I feel so stressed writing this article and my heart aches as I watch these documentaries after documentary. My mind just can’t fathom how despite all these atrocities truly perpetrated by these American White Invading Mass Murderers have the audacity to project themselves as being the world’s champions of fighting for the freedom and liberty for the planet?

The late Russell Means, representative of the American Indians Movement. He was speaking up for his people who were robbed of their ancestral lands. Treaties after treaties were broken by the Whites who formed the Government of the United States of America. All because of the untold riches contained in the lands such as gold and minerals.

Same situation to this very day. Native Americans are forced to live in reservations where they have no access to economic opportunities and their people live in abject poverty and left to suffer on their own. The American Government despite their constant claim to be fair and just in their policies, don’t practice what they preach. The Native Americans are not given their rights and discriminated against in their daily life. Even their reservation lands are often encroached upon and invaded.

Former 44th American President Barack Obama Jr. stated the truth when he said, ‘Unless you’re Native American, you came from someplace else.’

When we look at what Zionist Israel is doing today to Palestine, it’s no different to what White America has and is doing to Native America. Watch the video below and try to understand what’s the Truth with regard to the Native Tribes of America:

Let’s now take a look at the same scenario taking place in Zionist Israeli occupied Palestine.

As usual, it was the Europeans, namely the British, who caused Palestine to be stolen by the Zionist Jews. The Europeans didn’t want the Zionists to remain in their countries. Adolf Hitler, the Nazi German Chancellor, launched a Holocaust upon the Jews and exterminated more than 6 million Jews in his concentration camps at Auschwitz and other places.

When Nazi Germany was defeated in World War 2, the surviving Jews sought refuge by making their way to Palestine. The Palestinians being hospitable Arabs allowed the Jewish refugees to take shelter but eventually were betrayed by the British and Saudi Arabians. The Zionists started to get greedy and set up their illegal State of Israel, occupying Palestine with the support of Britain and America.

Millions of Palestinians have since been killed as a result of the Zionist Israelis genocide and ethnic cleansing of those who gave them shelter from being massacred in Europe by Nazi Germany and others.


It’s a Palestinian Holocaust which is being carried out by Zionist Israel, fully supported and funded by the USA and European countries. There are Israeli Jews who have had enough and are speaking up for Palestinians.

Not to forget the committed defenders of the Palestinian people in the form of the extremely courageous, brave Neturei Karta Orthodox Jewish Rabbis who have stood up to the Zionist Israeli regime and protest against the Genocide and Ethnic Cleansing of Palestinians, almost daily!


These are true Heroes! May Allah bless and protect them. Ameen.

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