February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Post Gaza Massacre ~ So, does the Zionists Israeli regime get away with Genocide, again?


Palestinians carrying the dead casualties after Israeli bombings

The video shows how Palestinians who survived the incessant Zionist Israeli bombings of their occupied Gaza Strip, struggling to clean up their reduced to rubble remnants of their dwellings and commercial areas. We can only imagine their angst and heartaches doing so. Trying to start their oppressed lives anew with whatever bare necessities they could scrape through.

Dr. Fadi Muhammad al Batsh, the assassinated UNIKL Palestinian Electrical Engineering lecturer, had once shared with me, the terrible hardships that Palestinians in Gaza go through. He shared how the Zionist Regime blocked Gaza from access to clean water. Electricity supply was intermittent. No supplies could come in from Egypt. Listen to what he shared.

As Syahid Dr. Fadi Muhammad Al Batsh, was killed by assassins, believed to be agents of the Israeli’s Mossad or Shin Bet, as he was walking to the Surau Medan Idaman, near his home in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur. He was working on Power Engineering projects which he intended to set up back home in the Gaza Strip, Palestine. His projects, if realized, would have eased the energy and water needs of his people. Tel Aviv saw to it being extinguished by killing him. Who else would have gained by his assassination? Tell me!

Israel sent their assassins to murder him, the gentle giant, whom I was fortunate enough to meet, interact with, and be amongst his congregation when he led the Tarawih prayers during Ramadhan, in 2018 at the Malaysian Institute of Integrity. I will never forget how kind he was. An exemplary intellectual.

The remains of the Syaheed Dr. Fadi Muhammad al Batsh at Gaza

Here in the photo above, we see his janazah, being honoured by his fellow Palestinians at Gaza. A sea of humanity, united in grief.

Ismail Haniyeh, Palestinian Leader pays his respect

The video above shows what Dr. Fadi was coming up with. Renewable Energy. Nothing to do with rocket technology as claimed by the ignorants including our Malaysian Home Minister back then. Fitnah @ Libel can lead one to Hellfire. Be aware of what we say or state. Losing a brilliant scholar who was about to bring renewable sources of much needed energy and water to the long-suffering Gaza Strip. May Allah grant him the highest Paradise, Jannahtul Firdaus. Ameen.

Back to the latest massacre and genocide perpetrated by the Zionist Israeli regime of Benjamin Netanyahu upon the suffering Palestinians in imprisoned Gaza. The apartheid Zionists bombed Gaza City nonstop till most of the infrastructure of Gaza City is destroyed and devastated! I learn that their already suffering open prison now has no working sewage systems. The heartless Zionist regime has destroyed everything. No running waters. No electricity. No public amenities left.

And to think that these Zionists arrived at the ports and shores of Palestine, shivering with hunger and destitute, fleeing the atrocities done to them by the Nazi Germans. Nazis led by Adolf Hitler. He must have his reasons why he chose to exterminate the millions of the Jews at his concentration camps at Auschwitz, etc. I can’t understand why these Zionist Israelis forget to seek revenge against the Germans who obliterated their forefathers but choose to kill the Palestinians who gave them refuge and shelter?

Germany committed genocide against them, but Palestinians are now being bombed to bits by these Zionist Jews! Where the hell is justice in this case? You came to Palestine by the shiploads, seeking shelter as evidenced by the following historical photographs and videos!

To the current day, ungrateful Israelis, who deny that Palestine ever existed, I call upon them to see for themselves, their past origins. Take your time to learn the realities of your real status as refugees from Europe, America and elsewhere. These are FACTS! Not fiction.

All the videos and photographic evidence which I am sharing here are authentic, unedited footage, uploaded to YouTube by their owners from Britain, America and Europe. Muslims were not into recording such audio-visual stuff back then. Hell, modern day Saudi Arabians even demolish historical buildings and monuments under the guise of development. Stupid!

I don’t understand how and why this young Palestinian who just lost his fiancée / wife in the Zionist Israelis bombardment which massacred his entire family in law of 14 innocent civilians, is so happy? He seems happy knowing that the massacred are promised Paradise when killed unjustly like this. We will go nuts if this happens to us. May Allah preserve the people of Palestine and strengthen them to reclaim their stolen country. Ameen.

US Presidents have been whitewashing the Zionists War Crimes all these years. They do so to this day.

America whitewashing Israel's War Crimes

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