February 22, 2024


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Covid 19 Vaccination Underdosing ~ What was she thinking?


Victim of Covid 19 Astra Zeneca vaccination underdosing

I watched the video of Anoogrehan Manoharan and am shocked at the medical staff’s obvious dereliction of her duty towards the patient! This is so wrong that severe disciplinary action must be taken against her. That was so unprofessional. Did she do it on purpose? Was she purposely underdosing him? The Health Ministry of Malaysia should investigate her for sheer irresponsible behaviour.

Irresponsible underdosing of Covid 19 Astra Zeneca vaccination

As a diabetic patient who administers twice daily Insulin injections myself, I know an almost empty vial when I see one. Anoogrehan Manoharan was lucky that he recorded his vaccination on video and watched it to discover the blatant irresponsible and criminal mishandling of his COVID 19 vaccination process.

It’s heart wrenching to witness this. How can she do such a thing? It is HARAM in Islam to do such a vile thing. She is employed by the Ministry of Health to carry out an important lifesaving vaccination. The authorities trusted her to do this job. The patient trusted her to vaccinate him properly. She duped him by pretending to have given him the full dose when she knew that the syringe was nearly empty.

This is a Criminal Breach of Trust. How can the Ministry of Health trust such a person to take care of sick patients at the hospitals or clinics?

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The Health Ministry must take disciplinary action against her. She must be fired. She ought to face criminal negligence charges for wilful endangerment of a patient whom she was trusted to take care of.

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