Mike Malloy of KTNF Radio Station 2016 explodes with Israeli supporter ‘Mimi’!




Mike Malloy, an American late night KTNF radio host, received a phone call from an American woman who identified herself as Mimi from St. Paul, Minnesota, USA. 


Mimi is in St. Paul, listening to KTNF


Hey Mike!




Well, I’m confused. I wanna talk about Israel.
Errm…can you even imagine, any other country in the world allowing 530 rockets to fall before it took a step to defend itself…and then hearing the last segment you guys were talking about, not wanting to help fund the Iron Dome.

The Iron Dome isn’t just to protect Israelis. It’s also so they don’t have to fire back and cause casualties in these areas of the Gaza Strip where the population is so densely populated.

I just don’t know. Tell me what you think would be acceptable? When are the Israelis supposed to defend themselves? How can they do that?

Wait a second and let me just turn it around and ask you something.

Erm, you are a family. Err … you have lived in St Paul, Minnesota for probably let’s say a hundred years.

And all of a sudden, I show up on your doorstep. Literally, on your doorstep and I say to you, “Mimi get out of this house!

This is my house. Let me tell you why it is my house? It’s my house because my religion says it is my house. Now get out!”

Now, I happen to be standing on your doorstep of your house, with a gun pointed at your head.

Mimi tries to interject but Mike would have nothing of it. Mike says that he’d listened to Mimi. now Mimi has to listen to him. So, Mike puts Mimi on hold, and she can go ahead and interrupt if she wants to [it’s not going to be heard or aired]

I’m standing at your front porch with a gun and I’m ordering you and your family out of your house. and I tell you that it’s my house!

Not your house and the reason why it’s my house, and my block, and my neighbourhood, is because my religious belief says it’s my house. and you sit there, and you say No! No! No! No! No! What are you talking about? We have been here hundreds of years!

I say, I’m sorry, get out Mimi So, you leave.
And the reason you leave is because you know if you don’t, I’m gonna blow up your house, probably blow up your family.

So, you leave… and you move down the street and for the next 60 years, you sit there, and you get very, very, angry because I came into your house and told you to get out!

So, what do you do Mimi? so, Mimi will say, I know what I’ll do!

I’m gonna throw rocks at what used to be my window that’ll make that damn Malloy move and you start throwing rocks and I’ll come outside and i will say Mimi, were you throwing rocks? and you look at me rather sheepishly, and that’s when I level a RPG at you and your family and your house.

and I pull the trigger and all of a sudden, ‘Porosh!’ You’re all gone!

Now, which is the terrorist? You tell me but tell me in another phone call Mimi …. because I’m not get involved in a big discussion about this. Thank you.

When does Israel have a right to defend itself? Well, when does Mimi, when do I have a right to defend myself? I came in and I took Mimi’s house so, if Mimi attacks me, who’s gonna say, ‘Well Malloy, you have a right to defend yourself because Mimi is attacking you!’ And somebody else says, ‘Yeah! But you took Mimi’s house!!!

Yeah, but you know possession’s nine tenth of the law there, but possession is 99.9 percent of the law and besides God gave me this land!

What the hell is Mimi doing on it?
All I had to do was come here and remind her.
Mimi! Get Out!
God gave this land to me!

Now if Mimi doesn’t like that, she can go and live in this ghetto like area, that I set up for her, near the Mississippi river in St Paul where there is where there’s bad electricity, bad water.

The fish are not good to eat and Mimi can stay there till hell freezes over …or Mimi can throw rocks at my house [used to be her house] in which case I will level a couple of grenades at her.

So, the question Mimi, is not when, do I have a right to defend myself but …I stole your house!!! I stole your neighbourhood!

I stole your friend’s house!
I stole the corner grocery store!
I took it all!
When do I have a right to defend myself???
You had to be kidding!
You have to be kidding!

Let me recommend a book for you Mimi..
It was written by Rabbi Meir Kahana…
Title is …’They Must Go!’
Read it! …and call me back!


What Mike Malloy pictured in his backlash to Mimi, can be best referred to the real case shown in the following video, where Jacob, an American Jew, forcibly, invaded and occupied a Palestinian family’s home in Jerusalem!

I detest the usage of the term ‘settler‘ being used to describe the Zionist Israelis who invade and forcibly occupy the homes of Palestinians. These bastards are not settlers. They are Invaders and illegal Occupiers of Palestine! May they soon taste retribution!

All copyrights of the transliteration above which I have typed belongs to Mike Malloy. I am sharing it here because of the profound interests and values that such an explosive interaction between Mike Malloy and his caller, Mimi brings to the table.

There are hundreds of millions of ignorant Zionists Israel worshipping Americans out there today, who don’t have a bleeding clue about the terrible injustice that they are doing to the millions of suffering innocent Palestinian men, women, and children, trapped in Gaza, the world’s largest, open-air prison.

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