January 13, 2022


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

If Prophet Muhammad is still alive, fat chance that you’ll ever get an opportunity to meet him. Here’s why!



The nasyeed by Maher Zain sounds so catchy and has a good meaning in praising the Greatest Messenger of Allah but if the Prophet Muhammad was still alive today and residing at his home where the Masjid an Nabawi stands today in Medina, fat chance that one could get a chance to meet Rasulullah in person, because the authorities would impose so many official red tape and bureaucracy for those intending to meet him.
Even after his passing, a common pilgrim can’t even get one minute @ 60 seconds [alone time] to offer his or her salam to the Prophet of Allah by standing before his Maqam there at Masjidil An Nabawi.
The Saudi policemen would shoo you away as they are extremely paranoid. Unless you are a visiting Sultan, President, Prime Minister or VVIP, fat chance of you getting the courtesy of standing a few seconds at the outside of his tomb.
Here is a video showing President Ramazan Kadyrov of the Islamic Republic of Chechnya, getting the exclusive honour of getting into the grounds of the Maqam of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam.


Protocol and Official Red Tape robs the average Hajj or Umrah pilgrim of their few seconds privilege of a once in a lifetime chance for many, including myself of getting to say a few words in the presence of the Prophet of Allah in peace and contemplation. I felt rushed and dissatisfied.
Moving on now to the matter of kissing the Hajarul Aswad during the Tawaf circumumbulating the Kaaba. The Saudi authorities could learn a thing or two from the Japanese as to how best to handle the teeming crowds and masses of pilgrims jamming up the holiest place of worship for us who are Muslims and Mukmins.


Instead of allowing the pilgrims to crush each other like what we see in the video above, wouldn’t it be more practical to organise a more disciplined queing system where eventually each pilgrim gets to kiss the Hajarul Aswad by taking turns and get to do so in a more civilized manner compared to the madness taking place daily.


The Saudis are not known to accept or listen to good advice or suggestions such as this. They are infamous for being stubborn and headstrong. They resisted against the Call of the Messenger of Allah for 13 long years. It would be a modern day miracle if they even bothered to read my views.