September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

J&T Express, POS LAJU, CITY-LINK, SKY-NET, etc. Wake the Hell Up!

We have no choice but to order items that we need through all these E-Commerce Platforms such as Shopee, Lazada, etc. because we are under the MCO – Movement Control Order due to the COVID 19 global pandemic since March last year.

I was living in Ipoh when it started. Started ordering food from Food Panda and items from Shopee. The couriers who delivered my orders were namely J&T Express who were from the Ipoh branch, POS LAJU Ipoh and CITY-LINK.

J&T Express were quite reliable, courteous and they delivered my orders in good condition. Had a bad experience with POS LAJU when ther delivery man simply chucked my order parcel into our porch compound and left without waiting for me to come down and collect in person! 😡😤😣

Till today, I am still very pissed off at such a rude and discourteous service!!! May he rot in Hell!
So, was another rude delivery by a CITY-LINK rider. He too, had thrown the parcel containing my wife’s supplements ordered from KL into the compound! Talk about incompetent @#$%^&* who do not deserve to be employed by their courier service companies!
When I saw the videos showing how J&T Express (Perak) workers were mishandling the parcels of customers, I just coudn’t believe my eyes! 
How bloody stupid is that? Hello! Those are the people’s trust upon you guys! How the hell can you do such an irresponsible act???

When jobs are given to foreign workers, Malaysians complain that the companies are prioritizing foreigners over local citizens! Yet, this is the type of behaviour that these @#$%^&* are doing!

What sorry ass apology are you @#$%^&* offering? If it was your much awaited and urgently needed medications amongst those parcels, would you accept such a *&^%$$ behaviour?
Wake the Hell up and learn to be more responsible, you sick, demented lot! Grow up and go look for other jobs if you can’t be dependable adults!
The video below is from POS LAJU Sg. Petani:
We then have a case of SKY-NET delivery stealing from a parcel! Watch the irate customer berate the @#$%^&* company:

What the hell is happening with Malaysian so-called Delivery Services?
#kpdnhep, please do something!

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