July 28, 2021


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

2021 ~ 1st Day of a New Year. What’s in store?

Well, for a start, nothing much. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic, celebrating anything wasn’t really possible. Day after day, throughout 2020 after March, we were constantly being bombarded with news of mounting global fatalities as a result of the Coronavirus choking the lives out of hundreds of thousands of people, right across the globe.

We were forced to stay indoors. Had to endure months of self-imposed quarantine out of fear of contracting the virus. People started to hoard foodstuffs and other essential necessities. Supermarket shelves were stripped clean of food and goods as if we were all caught in a warlike situation. 

Hell, there were even fights breaking out for toilet rolls in the supermarkets of the West and even here in parts of Asia between those who wiped their asses with such stuff. No such thing for those of us who wash with water! 

It’s human nature to be self-centred and only an exceedingly small number of selfless persons, would sacrifice their needs for the betterment of others. This is the reality of the 21st century. It’s often a case of ‘What’s in it for me?’ The ‘Me First’ principle. 

Nowadays, if some tragedy should befall a person or persons, right smack in the middle of society, the only thing that people would do, is to flip out their smartphones, switch on their cameras and start filming or taking videos of that mishap without doing something to help!

It’s the same, worldwide. Everyone’s out to be the first to break the news and get more views in their social media accounts! Many make money by sharing such videos on YouTube at the expense of others’ misery. Do they care? No sirree!

So, why am I being so negative at the starting day of this 2021 New Year? Just stating the facts as it is. Life, dear readers is not a delusion. It is a reality. We are currently living life in an atmosphere that is so foreign to us. Kids born today will only remember seeing almost everyone present in their lives, wearing surgical facemasks and face shields.

They won’t know that there used to be a time when mankind was free to roam the world as they pleased without a care in the world except when these kids grow up and start seeing the pictures, videos, and read content about the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020!

When the world’s human population first started getting scared of the invincible plague and the global cities started to get empty of human activities, the natural world rejoiced and for quite some time, wildlife started to roam the empty streets and romped along the major roads and streets as they pleased.

It was like a blessing in disguise for Mother Earth as the lack of human activity gave our planet a chance to heal and restore the balance of nature. 

Polluted waterways soon cleared, fish and other marine life started swimming along the canals and rivers which were once choked with flotsam and rubbish, dumped into the life-giving waters by the apathetic humans, started to clear up and marine life started to reappear.

In a way, humans started to be forced to live a healthier lifestyle and needless physical contact between people started to reduce. Wearing surgical face masks started to be enforced and everyone needs to wash or sanitize their hands often or before entering public places and shopping malls.

I like the social distancing being enforced, especially at the restaurants and eating establishments. We get to dine at a comfortable distance apart from others. I hope that this will be made into enforced law forever. 

2021 is now here and for me, I wish to get my stalled work projects up and running again after moving back here to our apartment in Kuala Lumpur. Still have lots of spring cleaning to do but Insya Allah @ God Willing, it will be done soon.

To my readers, family, and friends, I wish you the best in your undertakings and to take care of your health, physical, mental, and spiritual. 

Remember to reach out and make contact with those who are related to you or mean something in your life. Life is so temporal, and we know it. If, they don’t respond or reciprocate, so be it. You have done your part. No worries. Allah Knows. 

Don’t be an egoistic @#$%^& and be the bigger person when it comes to making amends and restore strained or estranged relations. Don’t wait till it’s too late. 

Have a Happy and Healthy, Productive and Successful New Year!