March 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Caught on Hospital’s CCTV – Attempted Murder of Own Father due to Daughter’s Greed!


This attempted murder of a bed-ridden 82 years old heart patient by his own daughter who was a medical doctor and his own grandson because of their greed for his properties was caught on the Dr. Manogaran Hospital’s ICU CCTV back in 2016!


Dr. Manogaran’s Hospital at Coimbatore Tadagam Road in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, South India is where this blatant attempted murder took place. If not for the quick action by an ICU nurse who helped reconnect the heart line IV drip which was disconnected by the murderous daughter on purpose with the intent on causing her own father to bleed to death was thwarted and saved the octogenarian’s life!

Imagine this terrible situation nowadays where greedy persons especially one’s own flesh and blood will resort to kill purely because of greed! I am not surprised because I have personally experienced such acts of betrayal by my own members of my family, on both sides.
Greed for worldly material wealth does not differ between those who have been and performed their Hajj and are supposed to be those who have repented from their sins and those who are plain evil.

From my observations, at times, those who are supposed to be the Aalims (devout) are worse than evident Zaalims (Evil Ones)! Greed manifests itself in those who put up a false front or pretext of being good before the eyes of the gullible members of our own families and society.

Such is the case shown here in the CCTV footage of the said hospital. Who can you trust to take care of you when even your own flesh and blood resorts to murder you just because they are so impatient to grab all your possessions which will eventually end up as theirs who are your heirs and beneficiaries anyway! Unless you expressly leave them out in your last legal will and testament.
Those who were so eager to devour one’s properties and wealth have died miserably and did not get to bring their ill-gotten riches together into their graves. I can still recall how they were when they were still alive, here on Earth. Today, they are no more and vanished from the face of this Earth. 
Do not be greedy of another’s properties and inheritance. You’ll end up dead anytime soon. Best is to live with what you have rightfully earned and do not desire upon what is not yours. Period!

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