December 8, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Psst! Any part-time ‘lobang’ @ business opportunities?

Good morning. I wish every one of my readers and followers the best of health and may life be easier for us.

In these times where the Covid-19 pandemic is still going around, quite a large number of people have lost their jobs and in a way are looking for other opportunities or sources of earning an income by becoming self-employed by offering their services to the online community via their personal blogs, Facebook pages, etc.

The problem is that many just ask if there are any ‘lobang‘ @ ‘opportunities‘ but from my personal observances, they fail to follow up with their queries.

They do not have that ‘sense of urgency‘ or commitment to really do something different in order to gain new skills or know how in order to get the side business that they ask for.

To succeed in any business, one must really have that burning desire from deep within themselves and the willingness to follow up with the steps to acquire new skills and learn how to do what they intended to earn those extra ringgits.

Many lack the drive and commitment to even call or message me as they promised. Frankly speaking, out of 10 persons who ask me for any opportunities, 9 or even the whole lot of them fail to follow up.

So, who will they blame for their sorry state of affairs?


These half-hearted folks have only themselves to blame but as usual, it is always others whom they find fault with or worse still, blame the government. 

Most Malaysians have a subsidy mindset. They expect someone else to come and spoon feed them! Daily!


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