April 13, 2024


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‘Covid 19 Blues’ ~ Gombak Hillbillies – Sheith Faikis, Malaysia’s Homegrown Country & Western Superstar!

Malaysia has been missing out on it’s raw musical talent who in my opinion is on a level that is really of a world class and ought to be given the exposure that he and his fantastic talented family really deserves.

Let me present to you the Gombak Hillbillies:

‘This is my first original song upload. The song is about my experience of being in (the Covid-19 Movement Control Order) lockdown. Most of it is true, except that my wife is not a jerk. I just needed something to rhyme with berserk. 😜

For my non-Malaysian friends, the Mamak is our version of street cafes where we hangout to have tea and snacks. Of course since the lockdown in Malaysia, they’re not allowed to open’.

Update: I see that many have asked for the lyrics: 

Well I wake up in the morning, I turn on the news
The Prime Minister says I got nothing but the blues
We are all facing a terrible plague
So you can’t go to work and you can’t go out to play
Covid-19, you scary little thing
You got me locked at home, screwing up my routine

‘My dear fellow citizens’, he went on to say
‘I’m so sorry but there’s no other way’
‘Just stay at home, please stay safe’
Wash your hands and don’t touch your face
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You dirty protein
You got me locked at home fussing over my hygiene

I go down to the supermarket to get some supplies
Cause a man’s gotta eat if he wants to survive
The egg trays are empty let me tell ya
You’re a lucky boy if you get Gardenia
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You bring me bad luck
You got me locked at home eating nothing but Maggi Cup

Now it’s been a while since I’ve seen Ma and Pa
I miss them so much so I jump into my car
Cop at the roadblock says you can’t leave town
‘I will lock you in jail if you don’t turn around’
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You break my heart
You got me locked at home, keeping my loved ones apart

Aahhh Ouuuu

Now I miss my Mamak and I miss my Teh
I miss sitting and smoking while I wait for my Thosai
I miss seeing the tables and chairs lined up on the street and
The rats and roaches runnin’ underneath my feet
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You took my life away
You got me locked at home, you’re driving me insane

Now my wife has changed, God only knows, 
she used to want me always so close 
but now that i’m home she’s actin’ like a jerk
I said ‘what’s wrong with you’ and she says, ‘social distancing, havent you heard?’
Covid-19 (Covid-19)
You made my wife turn
You got me locked at home, You’re driving me berserk

Now my daughter’s stuck at home
She can’t go to school
She watches Spongebob all day all night all afternoon
I said too much TV will mess up your head and she goes: (Spongebob laugh)
Covid-19 (covid-19)
You give me bad dreams
You got me locked at home, You’re driving me insane
One more time. 
You got us locked at home, You’re driving us all insane
Mahaguru58’s comment:

‘I first came to learn about this undiscovered Malaysian raw superstar level talent during the Covid 19 MCO [Movement Control Order] and was and still am, absolutely floored that we have such an amazing Country & Western singing sensation here in Malaysia but yet till today, he has not been discovered and heralded by our Malaysian Creative Industry especially by RTM (Radio Television Malaysia) the Malaysian Television & Radio Broadcasting Media Stations, TV3, ASTRO and all other broadcasting stations and channels!

Hello! It’s not often that we get to be entertained by such a dynamic true blue talent like Sheith Faikis and his amazingly supportive and talented family members!

I call upon Persatuan Karyawan Malaysia especially it’s President, Dato Freddie Fernandez to see how he can help Brother Sheith Faikis, our super talented musician and Country & Western singing sensation to highlight his brilliance with the nation and at the international stage.

Dato Freddie Fernandez
I believe that Brother Sheith Faikis of the Gombak Hillbillies is like a rough diamond, who if given the right platform and opportunities, will shine bright like the precious gem that he is and bring forth our beloved nation, Malaysia as a country with such raw and gifted talents worth sharing with the world.

Insya Allah.

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