September 22, 2023


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The Muslim Bloggers Alliance wishes every Muslim a Blessed Ramadhan!

We, the  members of The Muslim Bloggers Alliance, wish each and every Muslim, a Blessed Ramadhan!
As we all know, the Covid 19 pandemic is still posing a grave danger to all Mankind and thus, the authorities have ordered that we do not gather at the masjids or suraus as we usually do during Ramadhan to avoid spreading the lethal virus to others.
It is therefore, our duty to ensure the safety of others by practicing our faith in the confines of our homes during these times and practice good hygiene. If we have to go out to purchase our groceries, medicines, etcetera, please wear your face masks and adorn surgical gloves to avoid contamination.
Keep a safe distance from others and follow all safety regulations as advised.
May Allah protect us and keep us safe from harm.

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