September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

America’s True Rulers – AIPAC – American Israel Public Affairs Committee

When American Democrat Congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota tweeted a response [below] relating to Israel’s influence over the United States of America, it unleashed a torrent of hate campaign against her, branding her as Anti-Semitic and calling for her deportation!

Click here to read about how AIPAC influences how Washington dances to the tune set by Tel Aviv.

Quite a large majority of Americans, especially those from the GOP Republicans, Tel-Aviv Zionist regime loving members of AIPAC, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee are very touchy-feely when anyone murmurs even an iota of negative comment or opinion on Israel, the Zionist Occupying Regime swallowing up Palestine day by day, committing genocide against the long-suffering helpless indigenous population with no help from even the United Nations.

Even Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate is being viciously targetted by AIPAC as proven in their campaign ad below:

AIPAC is not shy of admitting and openly declaring that they have been lobbying each and every American leader ever since they first invaded and occupied Palestine and illegally setting up their ‘State of Israel’ as evidenced in the video below:

Generally speaking, our current 7th Prime Minister here in Malaysia, who was also our 4th Premier back in 1983-2003, Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad was not wrong when he stated openly during one of his addresses before that Israel ruled over the world by proxy. 

Muslim nations especially those Middle Eastern Arab countries are useless when it comes to the matter concerning Palestine. It is a fact that the Arabs of today are no different from the times of the Jahiliyyah @ Age of Ignorance during the lifetime of Allah’s Final Messenger and before him.

The Arabs of Saudi Arabia have waged war against the Arabs of Yemen and are still killing their brethren in Islam to this day. They are spending billions of dollars buying arms and weapons from America and Israel to wipe out the Yemenis. 

They’d rather spend trillions of dollars massacring the people of Yemen, a Muslim majority Arab nation than using God-given wealth from their oil reserves instead of using such wealth to help save and liberate their Palestinian brothers and sisters who are being wiped out by the American sponsored illegal Zionist regime of Israel.

Malaysian Muslims really need to read up and know why our current Prime Minister has been firm and quite vocal against Israel and America, unlike the current Saudi Arabian rulers who are just so eager to kiss and embrace the Israelis who are gradually wiping Palestine off the map with their apartheid policies against the oppressed few remaining Palestinians.

No amount of after Friday prayers, boisterous Anti-Israel and Anti-American protests are going to cause even a nostril hair to drop off Benjamin Netanyahu or Donald Trump! You can shout and burn their flags for all you want but it is not going to stop the Israeli-American bullets or bombs destroying the remaining Palestinians of Gaza or the West Bank. 

Palestine is fast disappearing from the map as we speak:


“Verily, Allaah will not change the (good) condition of a people as long as they do not change their state (of goodness) themselves (by committing sins and by being ungrateful and disobedient to Allaah)” [al-Ra’d 13:11]

We will just have to wake the hell up and come to our senses, failing which, suffer the consequences.

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