April 13, 2024


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Kellie’s Castle Travelogue Part 3 ~ Carpe Diem! Impromptu Models Photoshoot!

As I mentioned in my Kellie’s Castle Travelogue articles before this, I had taken lots of photos of the sights and scenes of this famous historical landmark of Batu Gajah, Perak.

Being a passionate and avid digital photographer, one has to seize the opportunity to click away at anything and anyone interesting and worth photographing.

As someone who has no qualms about striking up a decent conversation and quick to make friends with total strangers, I had a field day making new acquaintances during our visit to Kellie’s Castle.

Here are some photos of my impromptu photo-shoot models who posed willingly for dear old me when I asked them if I could capture their images for my blog’s travelogue photo album.

I forgot to get these beautiful young ladies contact numbers or emails for me to forward to them these photos of themselves in the midst of my being busily photographing the various angles and perspectives of the place.

What a shame! Nevertheless, if any of you dear readers recognize any one of these lovely impromptu models, please share with them the url address of this blog post and send them my sincere regards and well wishes.

I pray that each and everyone of them is well and doing fine in life. They were a joy to be with and very courteous and really quite charming and decent. I believe that one of them is into business, another said that she was into geoscience and the last one said she was working as an engineer.

May Allah the Almighty bless them all. Ameen.

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