February 21, 2024


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KPTM IPOH 2019 Staff Day at Sahom Valley Agro Resort & Eco Park, Kampar, Perak.

Yesterday, I attended my wife’s workplace, KPTM IPOH, 2019 Staff Day at the Sahom Valley Agro Resort & Eco Park, located at the foothills of Kampar, Perak.

We reached there using the guidance provided by Google Maps Satellite powered GPS app which I have installed in my Huawei Y9 Smartphone.

Absolutely reliable and dependable. Thank you Google Maps!

The Sahom Valley Agro Resort & Eco Park is located within a 50 acre former Oil Palm estate near the foothills of Kampar, Perak about 38 kilometres away from our temporal home, here in Ipoh, Perak.

This is a fast flowing river located within the resort area. Photo shows a number of KPTM Ipoh staff members and their families bathing in the river.

I did not join because my post surgery wound has still not fully healed and I did not want to risk getting any infection from such an outing. Still having my wound dressing changed twice daily.

Photo taken by my dearest wife, when I was having my lunch.

The long sleeved horse rider’s shirt which I am wearing was a gift for me from Mr.Terry Teo, the founder and owner of Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club, when I went to cover a paid article report about his riding stable at No 1, Jalan Elektron U16/100, Seksyen 16, Denai Alam, Denai Alam, 40160, Selangor before. 

Terry Teo, DARC Owner.

You can read my paid article about DARC here.

I always love to take photos of these waterproof leaves of the Yam @ Keladi plants after rain for the droplets of rain water would be glistening when hit by sun rays. A pleasurable sight to behold, indeed.

This untarred earthen road leads to the Sahom Valley Agro Resort & Eco Park. It is right smack in the middle of an oil palm estate.

My wife took this photo of me when we were in our designated bamboo chalet in the resort. 

The walls and flooring was entirely constructed of bamboo. Was a bit apprehensive standing on the bamboo flooring because I still carry a considerable weight and I was afraid of the flooring giving way! Aargh! 😛 

I think, the flooring should be constructed out of timber planks for safety reasons. They had fixed the bamboo slivers using nails which could pose a danger to heavy occupants like me. Fortunately I was wearing thick socks which were a great help in avoiding any injury to my feet.

 A view of the bamboo chalets at Sahom Valley Agro Resort & Eco Park. A temporary day trip stay would be alright in such chalets but for senior citizens like me, it would not be that comfortable for I have my needs such as air conditioning which is not available in such chalets.

They only have a wall mounted fan and lights plus electrical 3 pin sockets though and a private open ceiling bathroom with seated toilet and a cold water shower plus a sink with piped water. 

Overall, the place was okay especially for holding events such as yesterday’s KPTM IPOH Staff Day and maybe team building courses for government departments and private business corporation and companies.

Not bad for a weekend adventure.

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