February 21, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Google+ will be taken down soon! Hooray!

Oh my! What a wonderful, super duper news for an oldtimer Blogger like me! I absolutely detested the intrusion of Google+ into my life when Google forced this horrible system into our accounts through Blogger!

I don’t know which cow dung of a fellow over at Google HQ came up with that dang fangled idea in the first place?

It was so nasty!

Bloggers lost their rights to moderate all comments coming in and had to accept Google+ to continue blogging and this practically dampened my spirits to blog!

As a result, I sort of lost my enthusiasm to write about anything because some cowardly anonymous bastard using just a pseudonym could slyly pass ludicrous and offensive comments which could put blogger admins in trouble if they didn’t see what crappy comments had made their stinking way into our comments section!

So, apart from the new Malaysian Government’s passing into law the ‘NO SMOKING!’ law at public restaurants and all eateries which really has made my life comfortable so much that eating out is now a pleasure [save for the annoying ‘Assalamualaikum Gang’ who disturb us just when we are about to take the first bite’ or the screaming, shrieking brats whose ill-informed sorry excuses for parents just do not bother to control or raise them right], this piece of news about Google+ getting the ‘Get the Hell out Kick’ by Google HQ really gladdens my long suffering heart!

Thank you Allah!

I was so pissed off with Google+ forcing itself into my life that no matter how much my urge to write or comment about any issues worth speaking about, just made me lose my interest when I thought about the anonymous !@#$%^&’s who would leave illogical, rude out of topic, stupid foul comments without having the ‘balls’ so to speak as to their true foul stinking identities!!!

So, YES!!! I am looking forward to the blessed, wonderful day when Google+ will be incinerated from my Blogging life!

Alhamdulillah Syukur!!! 👍👍👍

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