February 21, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Mahaguru58 is officially a Senior Citizen today! :D My 60th Birthday. Alhamdulillah!

60 years ago, I was born in Georgetown, Penang. I grew up in a Malay kampong by the sea, back then in East Jelutong.

The sea waters were clean and fishes, crabs and other marine creatures were abundant at the seas back then.

Life was simple and carefree. We used to go fishing when the tide came in and used to go harvest cockles and other forms of edible mollusks as we pleased.

Koh Tsu Koon, the Gerakan Chief Minister during the BN rule, destroyed all that and today, my kampong is half gone. The seashores are replaced by reclaimed land and has an expressway @ the Jelutong Expressway cutting across.

Most of the seaside kampongs are all gone. Replaced by high rise apartments in place of traditional Malay villages where we also enjoyed various kinds of fruit trees. Played sepak raga, gasing, wau, Combat games, Cowboy and Red Indian games, marbles, etc.

Games which modern children would have no clue about.

Today, I woke up as a Senior Citizen. Warga Emas. 😛 

My friend, Tuan Jafarullah Khan, (photo below) Kampong Pandan Maju Restaurant owner at Tesco Ampang treated me to a breakfast and lunch to commemorate this historic occasion. 

May Allah reward him for his generosity. Ameen.
I look forward to completing my book on Professional Salesmanship soon before this year is over.

Do pray for me and wish me well. I thank all those who sent me my 60th Birthday well wishes and wish them the best as well.


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