February 26, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Anthony Loke actually has shared Allah’s Commandment in Verse 30 Surah An Nur!

Malaysian Transport Minister YB Anthony Loke may not have realized it when he responded so aptly to the PAS MP’s in Parliament who were not happy with the dressing of Malaysian airlines stewardesses by saying “If the dressing is too provocative; then do not look at them!

YB Anthony Loke has actually repeated what Allah the Almighty has in Surah An Nur Chapter 24 Verse 30 commanded the ‘Believing Men’ @ Mukmins to ‘Lower their gaze from looking at the ‘exposed areas of modesty of women and to guard our own private parts (area between our navel to our knees)!

I find that the MP’s in question especially those who are from PAS are obviously very keen to dwell on such matters and fail to be productive on most other pressing matters concerning the betterment of our beleaguered nation, suffering under the RM1 Trillion over foreign debt left by Najib Razak and his gang of thieves!

Malaysians ought to know better than to vote such persons into office in the next GE! Serve no purpose!

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