September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Ugly Malaysians ‘Tidak Apa’ Mentality prevalent at Hospital Kuala Lumpur!

The year is 2018 but some Malaysians especially those working at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital have no regard for the rules and regulations when it comes to parking their motorcycles indiscriminately as they damn well please.

It’s not a pleasing sight to see motorcycles parked right under a ‘No Parking’ sign such as this:

I wonder why the Kuala Lumpur Hospital administrators have no enforcement unit going around to haul away these motorcycles and place them in a secured compound and fine their errant owners a fee so as not to repeat the offense?

You have to teach them a lesson and cause them pain where it is gonna hurt. Their wallet!
On another note, I have come across many broken chairs at the Hospital Kuala Lumpur’s patient waiting areas when I go for my quarterly medical treatments at the various specialist clinics at the new block.

Whoever approved the tender for the supply of these low quality plastic chairs or seats really needs to be investigated by the MACC.

No need for too many words. Let these photos tell you their sad stories.

The Kuala Lumpur Hospital provides much needed affordable healthcare to us Malaysians and their medical doctors, specialists and nurses are very hardworking and dedicated people.

Yet things like these where substandard seating equipment is supplied to the hospital by unscrupulous vendors and approved by questionable HKL administrators is a matter that needs scrutiny by the Ministry of Health, Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission and Royal Malaysian Police where I suspect there may be grounds of abuse of power and position in approving the order and supply of low quality items.

If the Ministry of Health does not have the funds to purchase better longer lasting quality public area seating furniture, maybe we can pool our resources and start a public crowd funding in order to help HKL buy better quality seating for its patients.

Can we do this?

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