December 10, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

The King & his 4 Wives ~ What we can learn from this story.

I watched this video and pondered as to it’s message. What I can identify with is the way, the short film reminds me about the importance of taking care of my soul. 

This set me thinking. We all tend to spend our time, effort and money to collect as much as we can in terms of worldly items and possessions that we would surely not be able to bring along to accompany us into the afterlife.

4th Wife ~ Symbolizing our physical needs and wants in this life.

The presentation about the King showering his 4th wife with all that he had is a reminder for us that when it is time for him to depart from this realm of existence, the symbol of his 4th wife representing all the attractions and possessions of the current situation that I or we find ourselves in will not follow him or us to the afterlife.

The situation that even those who are affluent and able to possess all of their worldly desires will still not be able to escape the fate suffered by the proverbial King in the story here when it is his and our time to return to Our Supreme Lord, Allahu Rabbul Jaleel when the Malaikatul Maut @ Archangel of Death, Sayyidina Izra’il Alaihis Salam comes a calling.

The 4th wife symbolizes our wants and desires. Everyone of us wants to look good, physically strong and attractive. Yet in our quest to attain that level of being, we often neglect the one thing that really matters to us when it is time to draw our last breath and exhale, when our Ruuh @ Soul is taken out from our mortal self.

I have experienced many situations in my life where my spirit was so low that I almost drowned in depression. Although surrounded by family and relatives back in Penang, there were times when I felt so lonely. So alone. 

What kept me going was my self reliance that whatever was ailing me at that moment will soon pass. I was fortunate to not throw in the proverbial towel into the Ring yet because I knew that if it was to be, it was really all up to me.

I knew that I had no other options but to start my life all over again after being caught in a deteriorating situation where whatever I did brought me no peace of mind. I was literally dying within myself with no joy in my heart despite of my outward appearance of having it all. There was no peace and contentment.

I had to uproot myself and embark on a healing journey where I could start all over again albeit it had to be from scratch. 

Naysayers and faultfinders will always be there to criticize us and point it out to us where we screwed up and went wrong but at the end of our lives, those bad news bearers will be no where in sight when we have to stand by our self before the Supreme Judge above all other judges on the Day of Judgment. 

So, they mean nothing to me. They can go take a flying leap into the nearest sewer for all I care. People who aren’t adding value to our life are not worth our wasting our precious moments thinking about them here on Earth. 

The 4th wife of the King in the story here reflects the attention we often give to the physical aspect of our being by being obsessed with the outward appearance of our self but often neglecting our spirit and soul to be strong enough to face all that this life throws at us. 

It is important for us to strengthen our inner stamina and self confidence to be able to face whatever comes our way. Be it good or bad. We all differ from each other as to how we can handle whatever situation that we find ourselves in. 

It depends on our own level of experiences or knowledge acquired through the years to help us solve our problems in the best appropriate manner possible. 

Whether we are able to see things for exactly what they are or we unfortunately misunderstand the reality facing us all goes back to the level of intelligence that we possess. 

We might also screw up by assuming wrongly about someone or something and take or make the wrong decision which might destroy all the good that we had done in our past. So decide wisely in all that we do.

Let’s move on to the symbolism presented to us by the attitude of the King’s 3rd wife when asked to accompany him to the afterlife.

3rd Wife ~ Reality of our  having to leave our earthly possessions or status behind when we die.
Whatever we have acquired or attained in this earthly existence will surely not keep us company when we are dead and buried in our graves. All our clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, gadgets and computers, our cars, bikes and what the hell ever will be taken over by our heirs or those who have legal rights over them.

I have my published articles online which if they are good and useful to my readers might bear me some rewards in my afterlife or be a source to my eternal punishment if otherwise. ‘Na’uzu billahi min zalik!’ @ ‘May Allah protect me from such a condition!’

Other than that, my deeds here on Earth. If there are any good deeds of mine during my lifetime, Insya Allah, they would redeem me from the Hellfire provided that I did them sincerely for the sake of Allahu Rabbul Alamin.

So, to put it short, all our worldly possessions and status will not be with us when our soul departs from our body. It would be wise for us to not be too attached to them. 

The Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam enjoined us to live this life as a traveler. We can’t be lugging along too much of our possessions while we embark on our journeys in life. 

In another parable, we are enjoined to live life as Al Ghurabaa ~ the Strangers. 

As Muslims, we are enjoined by the Prophet Muhammad al Mustafa to not be too attached to the temporal pleasures of this earthly life and to hold firm to the Rope of Allah (Allah’s Commandments in the Holy Qur’an) and to the Sunnah of Rasulullah Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam (Examples of the Prophet).

2nd Wife ~ Family, Relatives and Friends

If we are amongst those blessed to have a loving family, caring relatives and considerate friends, then we would surely enjoy being in their company as often as we can.

But if otherwise, we would shun such relationships and stay away from the source of our misery and if possible, go away and stay out of sight or reach of all those who cause us distress and angst. 

Yet the Messenger of Allah forbade us from severing relations with our family and relatives or friends and said that it is a sin if we stopped talking or keeping ties with them for more than 3 days. You decide.

1st Wife ~ our Ruuh @ Soul. 

Our Ruuh @ Soul is the most important aspect of our being here yet we often do not bother to strengthen it with our good deeds and firmness of Aqeedah @ Belief in Allah.

Our Ruuh @ Soul will be with us forever and it will be with us when we are judged to enter either to Hell or Heaven. Our Ruuh @ Soul which we often neglect to take care of it while we were chasing the health of our body, wealth and pleasures of this earthly life.

How do we fortify our Ruuh @ Soul? By studying our Deen @ Religion and practicing what we have faith in. It is entirely up to us as to how we choose to live our life and as to what we take to be the Truth?

The wrong choice or decisions we make in our life can lead us to a destiny that we can only regret eternally but then at the end of our life, it is entirely up to Allahu Rabbul Alamin as to what He decides of us.

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