September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

‘BAD move DAP!’ says BN’s GERAKAN! What do they expect? An easy peasy Red Carpet Welcome to POWER?

Sometimes we just have to wonder as to what calibre of politicians do we have seeking power and position here in this country?

Reading the headlines of today’s ‘the Sun’ news daily, one would be forgiven if he or she thinks that only immature unqualified individuals make up the bulk of the candidates or so called leaders of the Malaysian political parties.

Unlike those down south in the Republic of Singapore or those from other developed nations whose political mettle and level of intelligence and academic prowess speak for themselves, here we have Teng Chang Yeow, the Penang GERAKAN Chairman crying foul that the DAP are out to ‘topple’ those ‘leaders’ from the BN Chinese political parties in the coming 14th GE!

Hello! What do you expect? That’s what politics is all about. It’s every party for itself. If you think your candidates don’t stand a chance to win in the coming General Elections, then do not contest!

Surely, you are not expecting your political opponents to lay down the Red  Carpet Welcome and kowtow to you for an easy win over them! 

This is the real McCoy, sir. As a political party who are serious in contesting and win power, your opponents will surely field their best candidates to contest against you. They will never risk wasting their time, effort and money to put up a softie or newbie against your party’s candidate.

If you are serious about contesting in the coming 14th GE, then you and your party should have started serving the people properly and sincerely to win them over.  It should have started the minute your party lost to the Opposition and not just prop up a ‘parachute candidate’ in the last minutes before the GE and expect them to win.

That is just so bloody ridiculous. Another thing is forget about serving just the Chinese community alone. You should see to the welfare of every Malaysian, be they Malay, Chinese, Indian and whatever other communities who make up the entire population of our country.

If you guys had done so, then .. and only then might you stand a chance to turn the tides against you. But lamenting like a weakling like this, asking your political opponents to give your ‘leaders’ a break is so pathetic and really does not do your party’s political image any good.

Seriously. Stop whining like a cry baby and go do some good for us all. You need to serve us to deserve whatever power and position you guys seek.

Good luck!  

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