September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

A Nation of Dumb Blur’s ~ Malaysia’s Tendency to promote Beauty over Brains! My Observations.

I came across this billboard last week when we were driving towards Beserah, a seaside village area known for it’s fresh seafood and where we usually buy our fresh fish supplies from Pasar Sejahtera, where the daily catch by the local fishermen are offered for sale.

The sign says “ Kembali Perawan Semula“. Meaning ‘Back to being like a Virgin‘. The emphasis here is the manufacturer’s claim that by taking their supplements, women can return to being like a virgin.

That is the claim. Consumer products such as this always tend to exaggerate and claim the impossible. Yet the easily duped masses especially those here in Malaysia will swallow such a claim hook, line and sinker!

Then there are the cosmetics industry which often air their nauseating ads constantly over the national radio station broadcasts to such an annoying stage which has made me switch to just playing cd’s in my car and not having to listen to their crap anymore.

Our country’s leaders are too busy politicking and mud slinging against each other that they fail to nip this problem in the bud, so to speak. What is going to happen to the future generation Of Malaysians especially the womenfolk?

Too busy trying to look pretty but devoid of any intelligence. All looking ‘pretty’ but ‘Dumb Blur‘! 

Here’s a vivid example of such a case:

Then there are the implicit sexual connotated adverts claiming to boost this and that if a person takes their products. Here is one:

 * Hehehehe..after my posting of the offensive ad, it has been removed by the uploader! Alhamdulillah.

Why is our Malaysian Government ignoring the embarrassing decline towards which these unscrupulous cosmetics industry manufacturers are brainwashing our easily impressionable population?

Remember the ‘Clever Girl‘ TV3 program? 

Here’s an example of a participant who looks beautiful but ‘blur’ like hell when it comes to her General Knowledge.

She answered that the leader in the picture is from Indonesia. 

The person is the late Tun Dr.Ismail Abdul Rahman, who was our Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister during Tun Abdul Razak’s administration. 

I am all for the betterment of our people but I would also like to see a more educated and knowledgeable society. It would be good if the average Malaysian looks not only beautiful or handsome but also quite smart and intelligent.

Will my dream remain just that or will any Malaysian official read this and start taking steps to stop the rot, so to speak?

Is this the type of future that our Malaysian Government wants for us?

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