September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Nabra Hassanen, 17 year old American Muslim teenager murdered arising from Anti Muslims Hatred spawned by US President Donald Trump!

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

Dear Muslims,

Yesterday, 17 year old Muslim teenager, Nabra Hassanen, was viciously beaten to death by Darwin Martinez Torres, a 22 year old El Salvadorian illegal immigrant who without rhyme or reason had accosted Nabra and her friends who were walking from a mosque. 

Police are saying that Nabra’s killing was the result of the killer’s road rage not as a result of Anti-Muslim hate. Yeah right!

If you ask me, I’d say that Nabra Hassanen died as a result of Donald Trump poisoning the hearts and minds of the American public including illegal vermin like this Torres fellow!

Listen to the scum spewing his hatred in the following video:

We did not have this much Anti-Muslim hatred festering in the US, UK and Europe before. One or two sporadic cases yes but not as much and as frequent as lately.

It is the rise of this Evil @#$%^&* currently presiding over there at the White House! I can say that if this paranoid Islamophobe was to kick the proverbial bucket today, the whole wide world will rejoice!

He is the reason why the London Bridge attacks took place!

Before he left office, President Barack Obama took then Presidential candidate Donald Trump to task for using ‘Radical Islam’ in his poisonous campaign!

In this Ramadhan, we learned of the terrible incidents over there at London, England where deviants claiming to do dastardly deeds in the name of Allah, mowed down innocent passersby at London Bridge and stabbed to death anyone they could get to before these crazed maniacs were shot to death by the London Police.

Such stupid, uncalled for acts of terror do us no good. Those who carried out these attacks on civilians were those local born British themselves who claimed to be Muslims but in actuality they were not.

Islam does not teach us to be terrorists. Islam itself means Peace but these type of deluded fiends were not those who can be categorized as such. 

A Muslim is one from whose hands and actions, others are safe from. He or she who commits acts detrimental to the good of their fellow human beings are those who excommunicate themselves from the ummah and the society in which they live.

Why is all these happening? Are we living in the Age of Darkness where information and knowledge is hard to come by? No sirree!

Here we are before our computers or smartphones, tablets and latest telecommunication devices with broadband live internet connections where we are able to talk to and see each other live in real time through our devices but despite all these advancements of science and technology there still exists idiots from all walks of life, ethnicity, faith and beliefs who choose to destroy and destruct all the good beneficial advancements that we as Mankind have come to achieve by succumbing to sheer idiocy and stupidity borne out of blind hatred!

In the history of Mankind, we either progress or regress depending on what we do with our lives. If we as a human being choose to learn the true basics of our individual faiths and try our best to live up to the norms of the society we live in, chances are that we will be safe and secure.

Yet there are those who choose to do otherwise. Who think God commands them to harm and hurt or even kill others for Him! Are these idiots thinking that God is incapable of doing so Himself?

All He has to say is ‘Be! and it will be!’

Far from it. God has been telling us Mankind to reach out to one another in peace and goodwill. To do good and to forbid evil. 

Yet these lunatics and that covers everyone of these treacherous ones not differentiating whether they label themselves as this or that are plainly ignorant and clueless about what their so called faith really asks of them!

Yesterday,  47 year old Darren Osborne, a Christian terrorist from Cardiff , drove a van into a crowd of Muslims worshippers at the Finsbury Mosque killing a man and injuring many others. 

Ironically it was a Muslim Imam, who rescued him from reciprocal action by the victims by shielding him from the people till the Police arrived to take him away.

All these crazed terrorists are acting following the general anti-Muslim sentiment whipped up by the rise of the 45th US President Donald J. Trump who without thinking of the implications of his vicious hate filled presidential campaign managed to unleash a wave of Islamophobia across the United States of America, the UK, Europe and the rest of the world.

So damaging has his presidency been so far that attacks on Muslims have increased a thousand fold since 44th US President , the learned and wise Barack Obama Jr. left office in 2016.

It is a shame that so many families are grieving as members of their families were killed and harmed as a result of the current Anti-Muslim and Islamophobia sweeping through today’s world as a result of Donald Trump’s fear-mongering and demonizing us Muslims.

I wish the Malaikatul Maut will do us all a favor and get the root cause of the murders and killings taking place all over out of this world! Soon.

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