September 21, 2023


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Lee Kuan Yew ~ The way he held Singapore together ~ Now that he’s gone, will Singapore unravel?

Malaysians can learn much from this video. The mindset of the late Minister Mentor of Singapore, their iconic Founding Father Harry Lee Kuan Yew.

Why he did what he had to do and what steps he recommends the current Government of Singapore to do or continue?

If we look back at History, we can only shake our heads at the covert manner by which Sir Stamford Raffles acting as the agent of the British East India Company took possession of Singapore by entering into a treaty with Tengku Hussein Mu’azzam Shah, the Raja Muda of Johor -Lingga- Riau, due to the fact that the Dutch who were in control of Malacca during that period in time had not established any presence on the island.

The Malay Sultanates through the ages have constantly been at war against each other and historical evidences such as these remain as a stark reminder to the current 9 remaining Sultanates of Peninsular Malaysia what they stand to lose if they get careless and let in those who have dreams to rule over the last remaining bastion of Malay power and authorities here on Earth.

Back to the current times, Singapore which was under the British Colonial rule since 1819, underwent a series of changes of those who took power over it. 

Today, Lee Kuan Yew’s son, Lee Hsien Loong is facing a rebellion from within his own family! His siblings Lee Hsien Yang, and Lee Wei Ling are protesting against PM Lee Hsien Loong saying they no longer have any confidence in him and that Lee Hsien Loong is committing gross abuse of power. 

They are accusing PM Lee Hsien Loong of creating his own dynasty and trashing their late father’s values and neglecting  Lee Kuan Yew’s will to have his successor’s demolish his home at Oxley Road [below] after his passing.

But his grandson Li Shengwu wants to join in the dispute as well. 


Just like the run of the mill Chinese Drama being churned out by Mediacorp, Singapore’s main broadcasting channel, the latest storm in a teacup taking place in the family of the late Mr.Lee Kuan Yew is sort of adding some new fodder for the island republic’s media corporations.

Read below :

I can only wish PM Lee Hsien Loong well for he has been doing all that he can to maintain Singapore’s economy and position here in South East Asia amidst a region that is facing all kinds of threats and turmoil what with the menacing China flexing its muscles and imposing its grip on quite a widening part of the South China Sea and disputed islands which have rich mineral plus abundant oil and gas reserves which the world’s growing superpower this side of the planet seems to have set its eyes upon!

Lee Hsien Loong may not be as tough as his late father was but he needs to firm up and lay down the law as his father did as shown in the video above!

Here is Mr.Nice Guy’s response :

Sorry for you Hsien Loong! All this because of a house?
Seems that the infamous Kiasu Syndrome have infected them severely. Hard to get antidote for that, isn’t it?

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