September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Adultery ~ If Christians really practiced their Biblical Laws, almost 90% of the USA, UK, Europe will perish!

These are not my words! They are sourced from the Christian Bible itself. Click here to see for yourselves.

Yet today, most of the modern world are zooming in onto the misdeeds of those few ignorants so called Muslims who abuse and misrepresent the faith of the billion over true practicing Muslims and start accusing Islamic Sharia as being harsh and barbaric!

Here in Malaysia, every now and then, my fellow Muslims especially amongst the Dakwah activists, the alarm would go off amongst them that the Christians especially the Evangelists and Missionaries are actively brainwashing the weak ones amongst the Muslim masses into Christianity!

Allahyarham Sheikh Ahmed Deedat had very easily defeated these so called Christian Evangelists and the Missionaries during his lifetime! 

His comprehensive knowledge and mastery of the Al-Qur’an and Bible plus many other Scriptures often catches these evangelists and missionaries plus Biblical scholars dumbfounded and tongue tied when Sheikh Deedat nails them to their cross [figuratively speaking of course] and exposes their lies and deceit!

Use the published verses [like the ones above] from the Christians own Bibles [Old Testament, New Testament, Revised Standard Version, Etc.] and nail them down where they cant squeeze themselves out from the reality of their fellow Christians screwups! Click here to read the statistics about their Infidelity!

Has any Christian country dared to uphold what their own Biblical Laws prescribe as the rightful punishment for adultery? 

Anyone here has any knowledge of such a case where the Christians have practiced what they preach to the world?

Please enlighten me.

Occasionally we hear of cases where someone apostatizes from the Islamic Faith and the whole nation is up in arms over this murtad and there are calls to put him or her to death.

In Islam, the method to deal with such cases of apostasy, is for the religious authorities of the land to counsel the apostate to return to the faith and believe in Allah.

If the apostate refuses and remains firm in his or her disbelief, the authorities are to give him or her at least 3 more chances before putting the said apostate to death.

In the Bible, Book of Deuteronomy Verses 8-9, it calls for the same punishment!


So, why all the nationwide brouhaha by the Disbelievers out there when the Islamic Sharia calls for the same punishment for those who apostate from believing in Allah and call such a law as barbaric?

Actually there are too many verses and descriptions in the Bible which are quite vulgar and pornographic in nature which I am not comfortable in disclosing them here.

Download Sheikh Ahmed Deedat’s Combat Kit against Bible Thumpers here and read about them yourself.

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