September 22, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Does Evidence undermine Religion? How do we believe in Allah @ God Almighty?

Quite an interesting discussion between ‘intellectuals’ from different backgrounds and religious beliefs discussing and arguing between themselves in a civilized manner without resorting to fisticuffs or shedding blood.

As a Muslim, I realize that having faith in Allah is the bedrock of my faith in Him, the Unseen God and Supreme Creator of us all and the entire universes.

To be a Muslim or Believer, one has to attest that there is no other god except Allahu Rabbul Alamin (Allah, Lord of the Universes).

That is the first part of the Syahadah (Declaration of Faith). I then have to attest that Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam (May all blessings of Allah be upon him) is the [Final] Messenger of Allah.

In my studies of my faith, I have come to learn that there were altogether 124,000 prophets of Allah and 25 of them are mentioned by name in the Qur’an [Final Scripture] revealed to our Blessed Rasul Muhammad [the Greatest Messenger of Allah].

It’s now 2017. 1385 years after his death. 

We Muslims believe that there are no more prophets or messengers of Allah who will be sent to mankind except for the Prophet Isa ibnu Maryam @ Eesa al Masih whom the Christians address and ‘worship’ wrongfully as Jesus Christ ~ the ‘Son of God’ by virtue of his being born to a virgin @ Maryam the daughter of Prophet Zakariyya. The ‘Virgin’ Mary.

Is our belief in Allah the Unseen God a blind faith?

How do we explain such a faith?

How can I tell you why I believe that Allah is real and not a figment of my vivid imagination?

Did I see Allah? Feel His Presence? Come across any such evidences of His Existence?

Well, it all goes back to the essence of how one believes?

What is the proof that I am alive and so are you? Here I am typing in real time these words coming out from my thoughts conjured up by the process that goes on in my living brain.

I am able to see and read these arrangement of alphabets into words and author these sentences. With the intelligence, knowledge and logic that I have come to possess through my years of learning and rationale throughout my coming into existence since early [maybe conception in February and born in early October 1958] I write this article to make sense to you and me in pondering over this topic, I am here in the very sense of the word. Evidence of my being [in the 3rd realm of my existence, of course].

Present. Delivering to you my exact thoughts and views about the subject. How does that relate to my earlier question as to how do I explain Allah @ God Almighty?

Behold Surah Al-Isra’ Chapter 17 Verse 110, Qur’an Al Karim.

The subject of having faith in Allah goes back to learning, knowing and believing in His Attributes. I came to know about this when I studied about Allah. The Prophet Muhammad relayed to us all that there is to know about Allah.

Watch and learn about the 99 Most Beautiful Names [Asma’ul Husna] and Attributes of Allah [Sifat’ullah] which has been revealed to us Mankind through Prophet Muhammad, the Greatest Messenger of Allah:

Those who have knowledge and intelligence in them will surely be able to understand and relate to what is being shared about the attributes of Our Creator.

Isa ibnu Maryam [Jesus the son of Mary] definitely did not declare himself to be the ‘Son of God’ and it is only the corruption of his teachings that led to such false belief which has come to be known as ‘Christ’ianity.

He did not die on the Roman cross but was taken up into the heavens as revealed below in the Surah Al-Imran Chapter 3 Verse 55 where Allah clearly says that Allah will take and raise Isa up to Himself pending Isa’s return to this Earth to clear all such disbelief upon himself and to uphold the Deen @ Faith of Islam.

Back to the matter of ‘faith’ in Allah the Unseen God.

Now, let me ask you as to how do you prove to others that you are here and alive?

That you are existing and not a fictitious character. That you are alive, breathing, seeing, thinking, capable of speech and action, feeling and able to perform all other actions that you choose to do.

Looking at ourselves in the physical form will surely help to confirm to those who are seeking the answers to that matter of proving and showing evidence of your being alive and present.

Bt how do you explain your essence of being? That there is and exists an unseen force of life within you that is known as the ‘Ruuh’ @ ‘Soul?’

Can you see your soul?

Definitely not. But feel it? Maybe yes to those who are in the know and possess the powers to think and process these types of information.

Who gave us life? Did it just come into being by it’s own?

Why is it that even the best of the world’s greatest scientists, doctors and master surgeons often throw up their hands in futility and say ‘It is in God’s Hands’ when they run out of options in saving a patient’s life or whoop in joy singing praises to the Almighty when the patient starts breathing again after being in a coma or just completed an operation or surgical procedure?

Allah Exists for those who choose to believe in Him. Those who deny Him are living on borrowed time. Whose Time? Given by the Grace and Mercy of Allah even though they disbelieved!

I have yet to see a human being who when being in such a position of authority be as Generous and So Unbelievably Most Merciful as this Supreme Lord of the entire Universes!

Subhanallah! All praises be to Allah!

I can just go on and on and on in sharing about Allah but guess this will suffice for now.

Please don’t just take my word for it. Do study. Read the right books and search for the right resources. Use your God given intellect to save yourselves and those who are under your guardianship in learning more about Allah.

You have the right to be His Worshiper. Don’t gamble your remaining precious life away.

May Allah bless and guide us all.


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