September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Donald Trump’s Presidency ~ How will it affect us Muslims?

45th US President-Elect Donald J.Trump
Well, for one thing, it brings to my mind the American Muslim Girl’s fears after her post-wisdom tooth dental surgery’s trauma that Donald Trump @ the leader of the rednecks is going to kick her out of the USA and her dad’s reassuring her that no such thing is gonna happen!
Muslims in America are subject to rising cases of attacks against them due to Islamophobia. Many less informed and ignorant Americans unfortunately swallow hook, line and sinker whatever their equally ignorant and biased media channels show them! 

Hateful content portraying Muslims as the new evil that they must fight and get rid of! Like what they were shown about the WW2 communist Russians and Japanese to be their mortal enemies!
After the Americans defeated Nazi Germany and Japan in WW2, they came to view Islam and the Muslims as their new enemies and we cant totally blame them for thinking in such a way because there are certain groups of so called Muslims who ‘foam at the mouth and get into hysterics wanting to destroy America! as if that’s what our faith tells us to do! Just go to You Tube and watch this Anti-American Protest. It will give you an idea of what I mean?
You don’t need to go far looking for such evidences because there are lots of videos in You Tube showing the crowds of deranged ‘Muslims’ burning the American flag and going berserk at every Anti-American rally and protest!

Protests that some political group or instigating politician stirs up every now and then to advance his cause and gain some political mileage for himself whilst turning the ignorant masses as his proverbial sacrificial goats!
Anti-American Protests
Instead of practicing true Islamic teachings, the majority of our fellow Muslims are sadly prone to just be those who are ‘Muslim’ in name only. How many of us are well versed with what Islam really is? Try asking your fellow Muslim around you to explain what Islam is and chances are that the average ‘Muslim’ will try to give an excuse that he or she is not a scholar and can’t.
Even amongst the so called scholars of Islam exists so many different ’schools of thought’ brought about by their insistence that their’s is the only true form of Islam and others are deviant! 

The irony is that our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wassallam came and taught us only One Creed @ Aqeedah but today you see so many forms and practices of Islam’.
So, when we are prone to fighting and quarreling amongst even ourselves, how can we expect people like Donald Trump and his supporters to know who we really are and realize why they came to this Anti-Islam and Anti-Muslim standpoint.
It’s all due to the fact that ignorance breeds foolhardiness and in today’s challenging and confusing times many are easily duped into thinking that he or she is right and all others are so damn wrong and ought to be destroyed! 

What a shame for even the one who is raging to destroy others will in the next second, minute, hour, day or week, month, year also cease to exist!

In these End Times, as Muslims must be steadfast in our faith. We must clearly know more about what we profess and strive to be as good a Muslim that we can be by practicing what we preach. We need to be street smart and know how best to go about safely when we are in areas where such Islamophobes are living.
Do not take for granted that you will be protected by the law enforcement authorities. 
Gujarati Muslims learnt the hard way for many Hindu policemen themselves massacred them. 
The Prophet foretold this sad situation of his Ummah in these Akhirul Zaman for we will be as large in numbers as the froth at the end of the ocean waves but powerless because we are in disarray. No unity. Constantly bickering and argumentative.
My advice ~ Be true Muslims. Not just a facade of what we imagine or pretend to be. May Allah guide us all. Ameen.

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