February 21, 2024


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Bazaar Ramadhan Kuantan 2016 ~ Mahaguru58’s Photoshoot

This is the only Ramadhan Bazaar that we went to this year. For it’s unique offerings and specialties not found elsewhere. Here are some of my photos taken during my visit.

This is Stadium Darul Makmur, the home stadium of the Pahang ‘Tok Gajah’ football team. Besides this iconic stadium is where the annual Ramadhan Bazaar is held. Proper RM2/- per entry carpark is available opposite the stadium but as usual cheapskates prefer to clog up the roads by parking indiscriminately there congesting traffic flow!

The Majlis Perbandaran Kuantan could make a killing by towing away such cars and charging at least RM100 per car but I guess the MPK are just closing an eye due to the festive holiest of months in our Islamic calendar. At least if they did tow away the llegally parked cars it would teach the errant owners a costly lesson! 🙂

This fellow at first tried to hide his face but when I chided him for pretending to be shy, he came forth and posed cheekily! Hehehehe.. Gotcha!

The bright shining sun forced this baby boy to close his eyes and I captured the moment! His mom should have bought him a baby cap! Hehehehe..

Cakk! He has opened his eyes for us! Alhamdulillah! Babies always look directly at the camera lenses! How come?

Kids always make interesting photography subjects because you never know what antics that they will pull off in a split second! These sisters did just that!

Fruit cordial with slices of real fruit displayed in the containers giving you misleading idea that they are 100% real fruit juices. No sirree! Just creative marketing. 🙂

Tau fu fah sellers. Tau fu fah is made from soya bean curd. It is made by grinding baked soya beans and then cooked till it becomes a curd. It is then sold with added palm sugar syrup. Also available are hot and cold soya bean drinks also mixed with the palm sugar syrup. Tasty.

This is the Ayam Tempayan Boss. He sells baked marinated chicken, lamb chops and other griilled meat including venison! 

Getting my lamb chop from the Ayam Tempayan stall for my buka puasa. Tasty!

Hahahahaha! Catfish has never been so glamorized like this! ‘Keli Gojes!’ Hehehehe..

A Health Ministry campaign slogan meaning ‘ I want Cleanliness! I want to be Healthy!

You wont find such a well dressed and covered Ramadhan Bazaar trader such as ths lass in KL! She struck a pose for me when I pointed my camera at her! 🙂

Rock & Roll Grilled Yummy Tasty Chicken! We call it as ‘Ayam Golek’ here in Malaysia. 

Myself in action.  My photo taken by my official photographer ~ My darling lah!

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