February 27, 2024


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Sahur Meal Weirdo Incident at Temerloh RNR!

Alhamdulllah, we safely reached our home here in Kuantan early this morning after leaving KL at about 2.30 am. 

I prefer to travel after midnight because by then, most of my apartment dwellers would be asleep and I don’t need to answer any ‘unregistered wannabe journalist’s’ annoying questions! 😛

We arrived at the Temerloh RNR at 3.50 am and despite the jampacked parking area we were fortunate to secure a vacant lot at the very end of the area. Just like last year, it was the same vacant lot near the Traffic Cops shed which had a table and two plastic chairs readily available. Our ‘Sahur’ table just waiting for us!

But we were a few minutes late in getting out of our car and two men beat us to it! Sigh…

So we wearily unfurled our mengkuang mat and tried to make do with what we could to prepare for our Sahur meal which was just about that 4 to 4.30 am time slot when we would have our pre-fasting meal at home.

But by then those two men had finished their meal and offered us the table and chairs. Alhamdulillah! At this age, eating cross-legged on the floor isn’t that easy or comfortable anymore. So with a huge sigh of relief, I thanked the men and happily set up the table for our meal.

We had brought our home cooked food and drinks for our Sahur on the road and we got ready to eat. But then came a chap carrying his child and another young kid just to watch us as if we were something interesting to watch. It’s not like he was poor or hungry for the fella drove an SUV but just came over to look!

I felt so uncomfortable because it was a private moment for me and my wife to quietly have our Sahur meal away from the maddening crowd but here comes a joker intruding into our ‘space’. I would gladly share my meal if he was poor and needy but that was not the case. The idiot just brazenly came over to watch people eat!

I had enough of such nonsense! I told him’ Excuse me! Can we have some privacy please?’ Could you please go away?’ 

Luckly he understood and only then walked off back to his vehicle. You never know what kind of weirdos you will meet when on the road! Thank God, it was a fellow who didn’t know that it was rude to go watch people who were about to have their Sahur meal!

Maybe I can sell tickets for our next Ramadhan’s Sahur Meal event at the same spot if I am still around? 😛

Jokes aside, I didn’t like that episode taking place at all! Malaysians have a nasty habit of being gawkers! Most of them simply do not have common sense and think nothing of just going around looking at people. Hello! This is not a public show, dammit!

Malaysia seriously needs to start teaching ‘Civics‘ to its citizens once again as it did during the British Colonials rule.

Really crazy episode!

As P.Ramlee’s famously quipped in his ‘Pendekar Bujang Lapok’ film ..’Coba’an!’

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