September 23, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Malaysia’s Dilemma – Corrupt and Inept ‘Leaders’ in almost all Official Positions!

It’s a sad, sorry fact that we are facing in these tumultuous End Times! We are saddled with unreliable, untrustworthy, ill educated, apple polishing sorry excuses for heads of government and local authorities in almost every state in this country.

We were once envied for the dynamic progress we were making under the 4th Malaysian Premier Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad’s administration but even in his times there were a few major cases of scandals, cronyism, nepotism and such!


There are not that many whom we can trust to look after our needs and troubles that we face almost every day with the way some cockamamie projects or programs that every Ahmad, Ah Seng or Samy comes up with every now and then whilst doing so in the name of progress or for the so called good of the country!

I highlighted such a ridiculous decision by DBKL (DEWAN BANDARAYA KUALA LUMPUR) @ KUALA LUMPUR CITY HALL in my blog here a onth or two ago where these idiots had approved the setting up of a daily BAZARIA U-TOWN @ Night Bazaar exactly in front of KOLEJ UNIVERSITI POLY-TECH MARA at Jalan 6/91, Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras, KL.

Imagine that!

A City Hall that fails to inform the stakeholders of a higher institute of education of their plans to approve the setting up of a night bazaar consisting of 200 stalls that will definitely cause a major traffic problem for the university college which does have evening classes for working adults who are continuing with their education, students who would be having extra curricular activities and evening programs at their college, environmental and noise pollution to the surrounding areas!

So, what does that tell us? That we have a local City Authority which doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what ensues as a result of their various harebrained ideas and projects causes?

The above approval for that ridiculous 10 years long Nightly BAZARIA U-TOWN right smack in front of KUPTM will definitely cause much harm and even destroy the future of an up and coming successful MARA owned academic institution of higher learning which has produced award winning graduates and cause it to go under!

Students would opt to study elsewhere if they find the university college surroundings not conducive for their evening classes. They would also have to face nightly traffic congestion due to the proposed night bazaar choking up the roads leading to their university college. 

Noise pollution, rubbish and smelly environments which would be the after effects of having uncivilized traders and food sellers leaving behind their nightly business trash. 

Those of you who are familiar with the mess that the Downtown Cheras Night Market at the parking area besides the Cheras Velodrome left and stank up the areas would know how filthy such a night bazaar can be.

The traders and their customers simply do not have any sense of hygiene and those who set up their food trucks or food stalls along the roadsides are the culprits. 

If we have responsible City Hall officers and a proper Enforcement Team, such a mess would not come to be but because there are those who are on the take, all rules and regulations practically get flushed away into the foul smelling stinking drains all the same.

Moving away from the DBKL conundrum, one can see the same form of corruption and negligence of one’s responsibilities in most of the major Malaysian ministries and government departments.

Take for example, the blatant manner where the country’s natural resources and forests are decimated at will by illegal timber loggers who plunder and pillage valuable lumber from even forest reserves and leave the hills devastated and devoid of any greenery, destroy the natural water catchment areas and pollute the remaining waterways and rivers.

One recent case was by the side of the Karak Highway at the Lentang Forest Reserve area.

The devastation caused by these crooks are ignored by the corrupt Forestry officers and those in the Ministry of the Environment. We seldom hear of any of these crooks in government ministries and departments getting caught or punished by the so called Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. 

Uncontrolled logging is said to be the main cause for the devastation! Yet, we have yet to hear of anyone getting arrested or prosecuted. To this day. This will recur again and again in this country and excuses after excuses will continue to be given by all those idiots. 

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The culprits will keep raping the forest reserves and steal the precious timber and valuable trees that have actually been providing us with life-giving potable water and other resources. In the meantime, the MACC and Forestry officials will continue with their charades.

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Selective prosecution. Only the small fry get fried once in a blue moon whilst the ravenous sharks are left free to roam and terrorize the nation. We all know this to be true.

I don’t even wish to raise the many issues plaguing our nation emanating from the seats of power at Putrajaya. The continuing saga of the 1MDB fiasco has smeared the image of our country and yet the main culprit goes about as if nothing happened.

The time honored sense of accountability and self-respect no longer exists nowadays. The Blessed Prophet Muhammad rightfully prophesied about us being ruled by the most corrupt and rotten from amongst us in these End Times. Nothing to be surprised anymore.

Crooks and criminals will rule the roost so to speak and looking at the ones who are in power today in our beleaguered country, we cant help but just sigh away regretting our misfortunes.

Even Tun Dr. Mahathir has failed in his bid to remove the incumbent Malaysian Premier who is the root cause for our nation’s maladies today but the recalcitrant chap has developed the thickest skin to date and ignores any such attempt to dislodge him and his rotten team from power.

Malaysians are truly in a dilemma. No one can help us. Brown nosing has turned into a main pursuit amongst those seeking to enrich themselves in the current dog eat dog circus.

Anyone who dares question the ones causing all these problems will find themselves hounded like crazy by the legions of apple polishers and Brasso Brigade of the ones robbing the nation’s coffers blind!

I have had quite a number of my critical articles taking these crooks to task removed by Google which I am sure is at the behest of the very ones whom I whacked with my writings.

Even this article’s fate isn’t assured so read it while you can.

We have to slough it out for the next couple of years till their term runs out. Brace yourselves and be prudent while you still can. Times are uncertain my friends. Be safe and stretch your reserves as best as you possibly can.

Do prepare for the unpredictable future. Mahaguru58 doesn’t mean to scare you unnecessarily but judging by what is transpiring nowadays, one just can’t afford to be slack and get caught unaware, can we?

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