September 22, 2023


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Duterte @ Rodrigo Duterte a.k.a. ‘Duterte Harry’ might soon be the new kick-ass Philippines President!

The Republic of the Philippines might be having a new president in the form of a hardliner, no nonsense ‘Dirty Harry’ style law enforcer by the name of Rodrigo Duterte by tomorrow!

Rodrigo Duterte was the long ruling Mayor of Davao City which he cleaned up of its lawless criminal gangs by unleashing his squads of law enforcing death squads who hunted down and summarily executed drug traffickers, gangsters and crooks who had been terrorizing the city for umpteenth years.

Slain bodies of Crooks and Criminals 

The Philippines is known for its rising crime rates and large cities such as Metro Manila are quite dangerous for the way criminals terrorize its inhabitants. To deal with such goons, the country does require a firm leadership, thus requiring someone like Duterte to come take control and put things in order!

The problem is that when a hardliner like Rodrigo Duterte comes into power and is in charge as the Philippines Commander-in-Chief, such unbridled power can also go to his head whereby he won’t give two hoots about flexing his mlitary muscles and go on an all out rampage to assert whatever rights he has or imagines them to be!

Take for instance what he said recently as reported by Time here“If I make it to the presidential palace, I will do just what I did as mayor,” Duterte told a crimson sea of 200,000 supporters in Manila’s Rizal Park on Saturday. “All of you who are into drugs, you sons of bitches, I will really kill you. I have no patience, I have no middle ground, either you kill me or I will kill you idiots.”

In one way, we can look forward to a more stable neighboring ASEAN country but on the other hand, we might be looking at a dictator in the making. It wont affect us as Malaysians here but to those Malaysian leaders holding power in Putrajaya, he might be a real worrisome force to be dealt with when he starts asserting territorial rights and claims on the disputed islands in the South China Sea where Malaysia too has a stake.

Duterte had successfully turned Davao City which was once a lawless hellish place into a safe city after being elected as its mayor and ruled there for 22 long years. Watch the video below to have an idea about the ‘Davao Death Squads’ :

You can’t get rid of a burgeoning drug trafficking and addiction problem by wearing kid gloves and soft approach. Whether you like it or not, a firm hand is needed to put some sense of order back into the problematic areas.

Duterte’s kick ass methods seem to work. See one of the police raids take place at Davao slum area: 
It’s not an easy task to administer a country where lawlessness has been allowed to run riot or take root. You need someone like Duterte to kick some sense of law and order into it. Filipinos are eager for someone brave and courageous such as Duterte to come take charge of their nation and help solve the mess which has gripped the country over the years due to ineffective leadership.

Here is an excerpt from :
It was all grins in Davao City on Monday morning, as voters lined up to cast ballots for the new President of the Philippines, confident that their pugnacious mayor, Rodrigo Duterte, would romp home after building a commanding lead in latest polls.
“I’ve been impressed with how he runs this city and I think it will be the same for the country if he becomes President,” says first-time voter Efren Pajente, 21, a retail assistant who moved to Davao three years ago.
Duterte has successfully turned Davao from being known as the ‘murder capital’ of the Philippines into the world’s 4th safest city by his firm leadership and often lethal form of law enforcement.

The Philippines are having their elections today and from the looks of it there is a very big chance of Duterte becoming the next President of the Republic of the Philippines!

We all want to see a better world where crooks and criminals plus corrupt politicians get a stiff beating and maybe even get put to death for the grievous harm that they do to a country! 

Maybe, now is the time for the Philippines to get a spring cleaning courtesy of Duterte Harry! We could use one here in Malaysia as well.

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