September 23, 2023


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Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club ~ A place for Families to Ride, Relax and Feast well!

One thing that Denai Alam Recreation Club members and guests are quite happy about apart from enjoying the most affordable horse riding membership fees are the various, mouth watering, tasty and delicious Malaysian favorite foods and drinks prepared by the chefs there.

I was there last Sunday to do a photo-shoot and fortunate enough to record their views about the foods & beverages prepared for members and guests alike.

DARC’s owner Terry Teo welcomed me to the club warmly and offered me a refreshing ice cool glass of watermelon juice and ordered for me a plate of DARC’s famous Char Koay Teow!

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Terry Teo, Owner DARC

Denai Alam Recreation & Riding Club is managed by Brother Sulaiman Tang Abdullah (Red T-Shirt in the middle) who is also DARC’s Master Chef! It is he who prepares DARC’s famous Penang Char Koay Teow and other favorite Malaysian dishes!

I then went around taking photos and videos of the club members. I was introduced to DARC’s cheerful Public Relations officer, Nadia. She was a friendly and charming lass hailing from  Jogjakarta, Indonesia. 

Here is a short video that I have produced highlighting my visit. 

There was also a mini farmers market going on at the side of the main guests area where fresh farm produce and fruits were on sale. Here are some photos.

DARC is just so fascinating. It’s got just about everything that most of us would be interested in. Horse Riding for everyone. Splash pools for the kids. Fresh Produce market for the housewives. Trampoline for the kids and teenagers. Archery for those who are into such sport. Trail Riding has just been restarted. Fantastic Malaysian favorite foods for those who love enjoying delicious Nasi Padang, Char Koay Teow, Nasi Lemak, all kinds of healthy beverages and fresh fruit juices, Ais Kacang, etc.

I managed to record several videos of satisfied and happy DARC members sharing their stories and views about the club’s finger licking delicious delights. Come let’s watch!

Here’s Captain (Rtd) Zaharie:

Natasha binti Shamsul (Far Right):
Natasha Shamsul and her family members

Adrian and Adriana:

Adrian, Adriana and Adrina, young riders of DARC

I will be following up with more videos and photos of my photo-shoot at DARC in the next article.

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