September 21, 2023


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Nothing is as exciting as watching live combat between able bodied young men and now even women, right before our eyes in the extreme sports of Muay Thai and MMA ~ Mixed Martial Arts!

On Saturday, 19th of March, 2016, I was there at the Kuala Lumpur Badminton Stadium to witness and record the live bouts courtesy of my friend, Geoff Andre Feyaerts (Fuad), a Director, Actor, Producer, Editor, Cameraman and Talent Agent who graciously allowed me in turn to invite my friends to the First Season of these exciting matches, right here in Cheras, KL!

Geoff Andre Feyaerts (Fuad)

I packed my Nikon D5000 and iPad as a backup and headed over to the Stadium after Maghrib! Despite the lack of a banner to advertise the event, there was quite a sizable crowd attending by the number of cars at the car park! 

Persatuan Seniman President Rozaidi Jamil, his friend Raja Faizal Raja Razman and another friend also attended as my guests. We really enjoyed ourselves witnessing all the exciting bouts! I learned from Geoff that the next fights will be in June this year.

(L-R) Mahaguru58, Rozaidi Jamil, Raja Faizal

A well known up and coming versatile Malaysian action film Actor, Film Producer and Stunts Choreographer Jeganathan Pithavadian also came with his darling wife to watch the fights. Great to meet Jegan in person. 

He had acted in ‘KL GANGSTER’ as a gangster who fought with the main hero Aaron Aziz in one memorable scene at the Selangor Wholesale Market! Very awesome fight scenes! It starts at minute 35:40

Here he is acting as a gangster in the long running Malaysian Police Drama series ‘GERAK KHAS’ for SKOP PRODUCTIONS :

I also met Samantha Aleeya Yam who was the LIGA KOMBAT organizer who welcomed and issued the ALL ACCESS pass to me and VIP passes for my guests. Thanks Samantha! Great to meet you!

More exciting footage coming up in the following articles.

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