September 21, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

Syed Akbar Ali’s ‘OutSyed the Box’ Blog Parceled by SKMM! *UPDATED*

I feel sorry to see Malaysia Blog House President Syed Akbar Ali’s highly controversial and perpetually critical of PM Najib Razak’s blog blocked by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission!

Syed Akbar Ali is no stranger to controversy. His articles have always been a bit caustic to the powers that be but he is also one of those prominent socio-political bloggers who often gets invited to events hosted by the very top political leaders he often takes to task over matters concerning national interests. 

Here’s a photo showing him together with current PM Dato Seri Najb Razak whom he often takes to task through his blog and our 4th former PM Tun Dr.Mahathir Mohamad who is quite close to Syed!

I have known Syed Akbar Ali since I started blogging 12 years ago in 2004. I often do not agree with his viewpoints concerning Islamic matters for the man often says things that are contrary to what I know about our Islamic faith. 

Myself with Blogger Syed Akbar Ali at the 1st Asean Bloggers Conference in 2011.

His articles on the hadiths are usually a cause for concern but then again I have always stood for the right to speak one’s mind and the responsibility of every blogger to be ready to answer either to the ruling authorities now here on Earth or later on the Day of Judgment before Almighty Allah if he or she wilfully publishes any lies or falsehood.

Seems that Syed has poked the ruling authorities a bit too much for them to resort to such a blockage of his OutSyed the Box blog! 

I agree with Blogger Rocky Bru @ Datuk Ahiruddin Atan’s view  that instead of resorting to such a blockage of Syed’s blog, the MCMC / SKMM ought to have taken him to court if Syed has breached any laws by his articles.

The year’s 2016! We ought to be able to sit down and talk like gentlemen. If the fella has done wrong, call him up and discuss amicably. This is akin to sweeping things under the proverbial carpet.

I am sure Syed Akbar Ali wouldn’t mind meeting up with you guys over at the MCMC @ SKMM and talk things out!

Where there’s a will, there’ll surely be a way!


Latest update!

Seems that SKMM has lifted the block on access to Syed’s blog but now it is only available to ‘invited readers’! What the heck? 😛

Here’s a screenshot :

Who’s staging this drama? Syed or MCMC?

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