December 11, 2023


The Truth must be told no matter what so Justice can live!

NOBODY’S PERFECT ~ One of the best ‘Teacher’ oriented movie I have watched!

It’s not often that one gets to watch a stirring movie that evokes our emotions and makes us cry one minute and choke up with our care and concern for what is happening to the characters whom we are following in the movie!

That kind of a movie is powerful! It really has an effect on us. Makes us feel and experience what the characters are going through. If you are really a compassionate and caring person, this movie will tug at your heart strings and make you cry.

A second later you’ll be cheering like crazy for the one on screen who overcomes an obstacle, a challenge that cropped up in the character’s life. In the amazingly simple but most heartfelt story line.

Yes, we don’t understand Japanese but thanks to the English subtitles and one’s own common sense and general knowledge, we tend to delve into the story and become one with them.

That’s why I strongly recommend you to watch this movie. You’ll learn to appreciate yourself more and what Allah has given us. 

Hirotada Otatake, who was once a primary school teacher playing the leading role as Sensei Akao is a real life disabled person but he displays such excellence in playing the role that you can only marvel at his tenacity of facing up to the challenges that come up in his real life. Here’s an example.

Come enjoy this splendid movie that will have you appreciate what you have in your own life more!

Have your tissue box ready!

Domo Arigato Sensei!

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