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Smartphone repairs ~ Go to Plaza Low Yat 1st Floor. ~ Call RASEL +60105398421

Smart Phone Repair at Lot 1.055, 1st Floor, Low Yat Plaza , Jalan Bukit Bintang, KL.

If you are having problems with your smartphone, iPad, tablet or laptop PC, do not worry for RASEL Smart Phone Repair Services can help you out.

Rasel’s working hours are from 10.00 am to 10.00 pm following Low Yat’s business hours. RASEL is open every day.

You can call him at +60105398421 and book your service appointment with him. 

Rasel’s motto is ‘Quality Professional Service with Best Prices!‘.

For any enquiries or questions that you want to ask Rasel about your phone’s problems or costs of replacement or repairs, please WhatsApp or call him at +60105398421

He will be more than pleased to answer all your questions.

Feb.22, 2012 Kuala Lumpur.

Are you a smartphone user like me? If you are one, then do not despair if your precious telecommunication device unfortunately gets dunked into a river, gets drowned by a sudden rainstorm and you are caught unsheltered in the open or any other kind of mishap suffering a major disaster such as water damage to your smartphone’s LCD screen, then despair not dear readers.

Samsung GT-I5503

I was aghast seeing my much depended on Samsung GT-I5503 smartphone get its LCD screen damaged by water seepage when I forgot about it being in my waist pouch and it was submerged for a few seconds during one of my river crossings in my inaugural hike of the foothills of Kuala Kubu Bharu recently!

Similar waist deep river crossing situation

Quite foolish of me not to have protected such a vulnerable gadget with sealing it in a waterproof plastic bag or something! Very self-awakening and costly lesson learned here.

I took my phone to the local repair shops and inquired as to how much it was going to cost me in repairing such a water damaged LCD screen?

As expected the ‘T’ng Lang* fellows quoted a hand and a foot price which is almost half of what it would cost me to just buy a brand new phone!

‘T’ng Lang* is what the local Hokkien Chinese refer to themselves. Meaning ‘Sweet People’. 😛 Must be diabetics?

Hehehehe…in actuality it means that they think very highly of themselves! 🙂

So, I gathered such feedback from a few mobile phone service centers before deciding to head toward the IT Gadget main superstores of Plaza Low Yat, right smack in Central KL.

Same investigative techniques.

Inquired from this and that booth or shop at Berjaya Times Square and the shady characters quoted me ridiculous prices thinking that this old chap is gonna take to their hook, line and sinker like most gullible folks?

No sirree.. Yours truly has learnt his lessons very well and after a few pleasantries, disengaged myself and headed towards Low Yat.

I headed straight to the 1st floor and made my way through the international crowd of IT Gadget shoppers to the row of shops behind the Celcom Broadband resellers.

Instead of the ‘T’ng Lang* mobile phone sellers and technicians, I saw a few Pakistanis and Bangladeshis manning the stall which I was familiar with?

I gave my salam and asked whether they could repair smartphones which have suffered water damage?

A Bangladeshi guy called Rana (guy in striped jacket) said that they could and asked to see my phone?

When I gave it to him and he switched on the smartphone, he said, sure, no problem.

It will cost me RM80!

I was pleasantly surprised and told him to go ahead. Make me happy. 🙂

The Chinese phone tech’s have all been telling me its gonna cost me between a 150 to 200 over smackeroos all these while and that I’d have to leave my phone with them and that they can’t guarantee me that it will be successful!

This Bangladeshi guy told me that he can repair it in about 2 to 3 hours max!..and at a fraction of the costs that the Chinese guys had been quoting me!

Can we still deny that the presence of the Pakistani and Bangladeshi fellows are in reality a boon for us and not a bane as we would have many of our bloody leaders tell us?

I mean, how many Malay mobile phone technicians have you come across in your life?

Not that many right?

In fact I think that it would be a miracle if you really come across such a rare occasion~ seeing a Malay mobile phone tech in the flesh!

Most we can see are them being salespersons at such stalls or shops. Not as technicians.

So, after handing over my smartphone to Rana and getting a work order receipt from him, I went to check out what was being marketed in Low Yat as the latest in thing to have and to hold?

For those who do not know where is Plaza Low Yat, here in KL, click here to open up the Google Map

There is an interactive street view application showing photos and a roadmap to Malaysia’s largest IT& Lifestyle Mall that draws customers from all around the world!

Browse around and inquire as to the costs? You might be surprised to see how varying the prices for this or that phone model is? There are many, many cousins of Captain Jack Sparrow at work here in Low Yat! 😛 

Anyway, I’m happy to have my phone back in working order. New face and heart! New LCD screen and new original battery! 

All thanks to the good service from this young man. Mizan Rana.

His repair service area is on the 1st Floor of Low Yat Plaza. DIGITAL WHOLESALE CENTRE SDN.BHD. Call 0162918602 for directions to his service counter.

Lesson learned. Next time I wanna go hiking or what, waterproof my gadgets! 🙂

Life is a continuing process of learning from our mistakes….

By the way, if you need to have repairs done for your smartphones, contact Rana. His mobile is 0162918602. Reasonable rates.

As they say, ‘One good turn deserves another!’. 

Rana attending to a happy Korean customer
Another satisfied customer

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